18,500 lumen LED floodlights


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Dec 9, 2020
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Havana, Cuba
I installed two-panel 200w, 18,500 lumen floodlights.

Mounted at a height approximately 12m (40 feet) above street level and each panel pointed about 30 degrees to the side. I'm getting a coverage area about 10m (33 feet) by 50m (165 feet). Trees need to be trimmed and some minor changes to the orientation of the panels.

Very, very impressed with the build quality of the lamps. About 4kg (9 pounds) each and they come with all the hardware for mounting as well as an inline surge suppressor. These units appear built to last. Putting out 92.5 lumens per watt, they're not the absolutely most efficient but still very respectable.

I have a separate thread for the installation and videos. Videos are here.
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