1. Pierre D

    Truvision TVP-3104 URL for HTML

    Hello As you know RTSP streams are not directly supported anymore in browsers, and i have to be able to provide my users a working link to a streaming IP CAM, that ca be used in various webpages that want to cast that stream in their browser. The stream comes from a dome surveillance camera...
  2. alexanderx10

    Hikvision NVR getting pictures from archive by every 1 hour by 1 camera

    Hello to everyone. I trying to find solution for one no simple task. Need to do Snapshots of 40 cameras from 1 february until now for every1 hour from archive. Its should be like this: camera one - 1 feb 00.00 - 1 snapshot, camera on - 1 feb 01.00 snapshot, camera one - 1 feb 02.00 - 1...
  3. Apposite

    Foscam R2 Stream URL question

    I'm currently running a few of these cameras in blue iris and they work fine, but I'm trying to find the stream url to load up the stream in my browser. I've tried all manner of rtsp as well as http urls and I've had no luck. However my cameras work just fine in Blue Iris. Is there anyway for...
  4. T

    RTPS url for IPC-HDW5831R-ZE ?

    Hello, I recently purchased this camera, IPC-HDW5831R-ZE It has firmware V2.800.0000005.0.R, Build Date: 2019-03-25 What is the RTPS stream URL for it? I was guessing some of the values for it here, but I'm not finding it. Shinobi Official Documentation - Camera Brands thank you.
  5. vanni93

    Stream Http problem

    Hello, I have a DS-2CD1023G0-I cam and I would like to visualize live stream on a web page. I have already set the sub stream to mjpeg and activate the Hikvision GCI. Putting this url I'm able to take snapshot: ipcam/Streaming/channels/102/picture But putting this one I'm not able to see live...
  6. Libra Sun

    Need Snapshot URL for TVT-rebranded NVR

    For years I've owned a TVT-based NVR with 1 internal HDD and 4 analog cameras attached to it. Never have I been able to obtain image snapshots without opening the browser and manually clicking a control. I'd like to be able -- if it's at all possible with this model -- to capture JPG snapshots...
  7. S

    event call url

    Hello, if it is possible if alarm event is occur to call a url? Or it is only possible if event occur to send email for example?
  8. S

    Get Snapshot / Image of IP PTZ Dom

    Hello, we are using 2DE3204W-DE from hikvision. If it is possible to get snapshot / image by call url?
  9. J

    Rocam NC360 & Blue Iris

    Using the Rocam app, or a browser, I can see the video. In browser it uses Flash. I haven't been able to get Blue Iris to see the video. The suggested URL is <IP>/videostream.cgi?user=<user>&pw=<pw> or more clearly the defaults would be
  10. S

    Can't get snapshot via URL

    Hi there, I just bought a DH-SD22204T-GN, and it works great, but I have one issue with it. I can't seem to get a snapshot via an URL : cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1. When I try this on a Linux cli I get: Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 500...
  11. B

    URL Changes not Reseting

    I once in a while change the profile of my Blue Iris Install using a URL command. For Example "" The problem is that it does not seem to reset back to the default profile in the schedule so the profile just sticks there in the...
  12. BarkityBark

    Sharing NVR cameras via URL to one or two people setup?

    Networking lightweight here. Have my NVR5216 with built-in PoE up and running fine with 9 cameras. Would like to connect it to the internet and share only live video from at least one camera with two family members over the internet. The more I read the manual and the forum postings about this...
  13. B

    RTSP stream without port number in URL?

    So I got a NIB Honeywell Acuix IP PTZ off of Ebay. It's a nice PTZ camera with 35X zoom that would normally cost lots. I checked the specs. before I bid and it uses RTSP. I cannot get BI to use the correct RTSP stream. I used URL Snooper while accessing the camera's web page and have the...
  14. P

    URl for HikVision ds-7208hwi-sh ?

    Hi all, i searched at many places but couldn't find the url (streaming path) for HikVision DVR - model num: DS-7208hwi-SH i suppose its rtsp stream, so the link might be something like rtsp://user@password@ is above link,the right permalink (to get only...
  15. P

    URl for HikVision ds-7208hwi-sh ?

    Hi all, i searched at many places but couldn't find the url (streaming path) for HikVision DVR - model num: DS-7208hwi-SH i suppose its rtsp stream, so the link might be something like rtsp://user:password@ is above link,the right permalink (to get only...
  16. technet

    Embed credentials on Blue Iris Web Server URL

    Hello everyone, We would like to know if it is possible to embed Blue Iris credentials in a URL, as sometimes it is really needed. Something like http://user:password@server.tld:9090 isn't accepted on Blue Iris, and it works on many other webservers including on IP cameras, which allows us to...
  17. D

    JIMIlab JH08 -- setup as IP cam

    Hello folks, I'm new to IP Cams and to the forum. Thanks already for the great wealth of information assembled here. I purchased 3 (admittedly) discounted IP cams on an online site. The model delivered is a JIMILab JH08 Wireless Home Monitor. I have set it up as per instructions user their...
  18. T

    How to get URL overlay image

    HI to all, and thank you for creating this forum. I use Blue Iris for testing my SrIcam Ap004-e ipcamera. I would like to know if is possible to overlay an url image, directly from web (like in ispy opensource software). thank you. :)