1. M

    Why does the Dahua firmware upgrade process suck?

    The procedure for Dahua firmware upgrades really sucks. Jumping through the hoops..... 1) locate the firmware and DL; 2) Log into cam GUI; 3) save config; 4) reboot cam; 5) install new firmware; 6) factory reset; 7) find your cam on a subnet you are not normally using; 8) update settings...
  2. J

    Dual NIC Set-up issues

    Hi- First, I'm very grateful for all the great guidance here. Invaluable, particularly for a non-expert like myself. On to my problem. I was able to create a new BI set-up with dual NICs and to add a Dahua camera using the IP config tool. I assigned the camera a unique IP address and was...
  3. T

    Networking Help

    Hi, I recently purchased a NVR5416-4KS2 V2.0 and some Dahua IP cameras from Andy. I also have a Cisco SG200-26P Smart Switch to power the cameras. I don't intend on connecting that switch to my network or internet until I get the NBN (HFC) some time next year (thanks Malcolm). When upgraded I...
  4. hypercoffeedude

    Top-201 xmeye camera no longer accessable?

    Hey everyone, I've got a Top-201 720p camera that I've installed years ago for my driveway. Up until now I was able to use it without issue. In fact I've had it streaming to Zoneminder without problems as of yesterday. I had been using it's default IP address of, but I wanted to...
  5. BarkityBark

    Sharing NVR cameras via URL to one or two people setup?

    Networking lightweight here. Have my NVR5216 with built-in PoE up and running fine with 9 cameras. Would like to connect it to the internet and share only live video from at least one camera with two family members over the internet. The more I read the manual and the forum postings about this...
  6. N

    Ip Cameras and network traffic

    I'm planning on setting up an IPCAM system currently it will be small 6 cams, I will eventually expand to 26. My current network at my office is a 192.168.1.* network, would I also use this this same subnet for my cameras? or is it best practice to setup another subnet? If I put all cams on...