1. Ollie

    Required poe or power supply specs

    Hi, I would like to buy a single injector for a Dahua cam (5442 - IRE - not led). This is the voltage and consumption specs: Power Supply DC 12V (±30%), PoE (802.3af) (Class 0) Power Consumption <7.2W I'm not sure about the required poe injector to buy. It should be <7.2W, so 12v/1a will...
  2. L

    POE NVR not providing power to devices

    Hi, Just bought all new equipment through the IPCamTalk store. I'm unable to get the POE NVR (Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2E) to provide power through my cat5e to my POE devices. Things I've done: Connected a 12v power source to the camera, ipcam lights up, connection no problem, and the camera is...
  3. polydactic

    PoE switch *powered* by PoE — does such a thing exist?

    This isn't a BI question per se, but that's what I use for all three of my cams (power use lol) — hopefully soon to be four — and couldn't think of anywhere else to ask this. So — I have a hardware/power issue. The short of it is: Two of the three cameras (and if possible, three or four of...
  4. J

    Nexxt NVR ports don't turn on (green LED) for Dahua Poe cameras

    I have a Nexxt NVR unit (Xpy 1280-HD) with 8-channels and it comes packaged with 4 PoE cameras. Used it for a few months. Now I bought 4 more PoE cameras from Dahua (a totally different company/brand). model: Dahua IPC-HFW2439S-SA-LED-S2: IPC-HFW2439S-SA-LED-S2 They don't seem to power on at...
  5. botics

    Transformer Talk / Question

    I want to run external low voltage power to four cameras . Instead of using four separate smaller transformers inside my home - I was thinking about using a single pool (150W) or similar transformer to provide power to ALL 4 cameras; one larger transformer powering four PTZ cameras. Has anyone...
  6. P

    Low CPU utilization/Low FPS when server dormant

    Hi all, first time poster here. I have a strange issue come up when my IP camera server PC is left dormant (ie., Windows is locked and PC is left dormant for 30mins or so) - Frame rate in UI3 streams and (triggered) recordings drop to 0-3FPS and CPU utilization drops to 2-6%. If I walk up to...
  7. 1

    DC input as output when utilizing POE?

    i have noticed that when utilizing POE, if you test probe the DC input (be it barrel jack or wires depending on camera) you can measure voltage on it with a voltmeter. is it possible to use the DC input as a power source when utilizing POE instead of a power adapter? what kind of current...
  8. R

    Saving a little power by writing to SSD first?

    Hi, My new set-up storage-wise consists of a 128GB SSD and a 2TB WD Purple HDD, and currently 2 cameras (about 6MP in total) recording continuously. I've read on here (and it seems logical), that there's no performance gain in writing video to the SSD first, so I just used that for system disk...
  9. Damers101

    Here From AZ

    What's up guy's, I'm just a guy good at his job! I'm starting out in my own now and it's super spooky but going ok. I want to help you guys and create myself a name. It seems to be when I train they don't retain so let's do this.
  10. zero-degrees

    Home Power Usage/Monitoring

    So powering has been a topic of conversation around here lately. I've been watching this product for about the last year and been close to ordering a few times now but haven't pulled the trigger. The main purpose would simply be - more insight. We're addicted to "data" in todays world and I...
  11. N

    POE powered hikvision 12v output possibiliities?

    I have DS-2CD3145F-IS and it is powered via POE, I need to get 6 ~ 12v out for microphone, possible in any way? if not, then I have to run power cable for camera. :D:cool:
  12. SSNapier

    Let's talk solar gear for a few minutes, shall we?

    I am trying to put together a quote for some solar powered cameras and other "stuff". There are a TON of sources out there for this stuff, and I am just curious if you have any experience on who to avoid or who gave you great service when purchasing panels, batteries, charge controllers, etc...
  13. S

    Low Power Consumption PC-Based NVR?

    Hello! I like the benefits/pros/flexibility of a PC-based NVR, however, what I don't like is the cost to run a PC 24x7 (e.g., https://www.google.com/#q=how+much+does+it+cost+to+run+my+computer+24x7). Do you have any thoughts or experience in PC hardware set ups, with a focus on low power...
  14. S

    DST resets to 30 on power reset

    Has anyone found a work around to forcing the camera to stop reverting back to 30 minutes for DST time bias on power reset? I have a bunch of different model cameras that do this and it doesnt seem to always happen.
  15. A

    How do 12v Hikvision and similar cameras work on industry standard 48v PoE swithes

    Hi all, Pleb question here, currently running two crap Foscams and wanting to move up to some 2 or 3 mpixel Hikvisions. Seeing as most do not come with a power supply, meaning either PoE to a wall wart with injector or to a PoE switch, the ones on AliExpress seem to be 48v, do the 12v cameras...
  16. I

    How to turn cameras on and off with alarm setting?

    Is there a way to turn off cameras so live view is disabled or shows dummy picture and no new recordings are created. The reason I want this functionallity is that I want to have all cameras off when alarm is off. Outdoor cameras on when alarm set to intruder protection and all cameras on when...
  17. RyanODan

    Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 Exir Outdoor Weatherproof Bullet IP 3MP Security Camera

    Finally...we have it. Due to popular demand we are now stocking the DS-2CD2232-I5 3MP (2048 x 1536) high resolution @ 20 FPS; Full 1080p resolution @ 30 FPS 4mm Lens EXIR 50m IR range True day/night 3D DNR & DWDR & BLC IP66 rating Can by either POE or 12V DC...
  18. strathglass

    DS-2CD2032-I Power Connector type?

    What type of power connector does this camera take (if not using POE)? I found no relevant documentation on the HikVision site nor in the camera package. I have an older camera of this type that works fine (dedicated PS, no POE), but two new ones are giving me problems (they use POE). Thinking...
  19. P

    Hikvision NVR problem

    Hi . Anybody able to help an oldie ? I recently bought a Hikvision DS7608NI NVR to use with Hikvision cameras . Fitted a WD 2TB red hard drive and set up NVR & camera for a trial run . On switching the power on I found after about 15 seconds the unit started a beeping alarm .The only way to...
  20. Oleg

    DS-2CD2032-I help

    Hi, looking forward to buy DS-2CD2032-I and reading the forum. I was told by a seller that camera comes without a power supply or PoE adapter, which is sad. HOT2014 Hikvision Original gun waterproof security network cctv camera DS 2CD2032 I 3MP IR ip camera mini support POE-in CCTV Cameras from...
  21. V

    DIY POE Power

    Hi i'm vahid new here and new here last week i was installing cams in a local school with hikvision 2132 3MPixel cameras.i used cat6 copper wires but i think cat5 wires could be the best choice to save bucks. because cams use 10/100 NIC and i think there is enough bandwidth with Cat5E .but i...
  22. E

    Current draw of IP cameras such as Foscam F18910W

    I am going to need to supply power from a plug-in power module (wall wort) as far away as 30 to 50 ft. What is the current draw that a typical IP wireless camera draws (such as the Foscam F18910W)? I guess more to the point, what gauge wire do people use to supply these cameras from a...