1. Hawk1891

    Full Color Night Vision Starlight Cameras

    It's been awhile since I've been on here but does anyone have any suggestions for a camera that has full color night vision that doesn't require ir lights to see in full color? The camera would have to be able to clearly resolve the stars in the night sky with no video noise. I own the...
  2. S

    Hikvision DS-2CD2112-I IR issues?

    Hi all, I've had 6 of these cameras for about 5 years. The picture quality is good during the day, but in the evening it's very poor. I only realised a while after purchasing that dome cameras have inherent issues with nightvision IR. Apart from (this significant issue) the cameras have been...
  3. E

    CMIP3042W-28 matrix IR not working

    So was out checking the local news website this morning and came across an article that there was reports of shots fired in my further in my neighborhood. The only access to this area by car is to drive past my house. I brought up the NVR interface to check if I was able to catch any cars coming...
  4. M

    Excessive Motion dection alerts in basement with nightvision

    I have a Foscam 9831P in my basement. At night there is simply no light down there but BI ( x64) keeps alerting on motion. I have attached a screen shot of my Motion/Trigger settings. The camera is set to night vision at all times. Any assistance would be appreciated.