1. G

    JBOD Disk Enclosure or NAS?

    I'm looking to add some external storage to my Blue Iris setup. A couple of options I am considering: Would it make sense to do software raid / Windows Storage Spaces with the disks and go with...
  2. M

    Internal SSDs Files not being moved - What am i missing?

    I've been using Blueiris for 10 years and just in the past month I've run into a strange issue where files are not moving down the drive cascade correctly. This causes me to manually move files in order to ensure that the New doesn't fill up which would then fail to create new recordings, I...
  3. H

    iVMS-4200 - NAS Setup

    Good day! I am currently trying to configure a Windows 10 server as NAS Storage for our HikVision DS-7616NI-E2/16P . I've added a Network Share NVR1 , and it is accessible from the Network. In iVMS-4200, I've added --> Server IP and File Path \NVR1 under Storage, NAS. In General...
  4. O

    New BI PC Build w HDDs in RAID 1 (mirror) Redundancy

    After years of frustration with kludgy LTS/Hik NVRs, I'm finally abandoning ship for Blue Iris. Currently spec'ing out a high end PC for a build in early Jan. Will likely be Intel Core i7-14700K 3.4 GHz 20-Core based. I will probably 20 cams in total (mix of 8MP and 4MP). It will likely be in...
  5. P

    Storage locations for cameras

    Hello, I am running 8 cameras, 4 which are on continuous recording. I would like to save the continual recording cameras to my NAS because it has much more storage space and the other "motion detection" cameras to the internal storage of the server. Is there a way to configure individual...
  6. This_name_is_unchangable

    Hikvision nvr questions about NAS, redunancy recording ...

    Greetings, I have NVR ( DS-7608NXI-I2/8P/S(C) ) at the office, but HDD (WD Purple 10TB PRO) is so loud, so im thinking to buy a Synology NAS which will be located in another room with this disk attached. Can this NVR work with NAS storage EXACTLY THE SAME as if disk would be SATA connected ...
  7. T

    Is there a large performance difference between HDD, SSD, and NVME Drives in terms of video playback?

    So currently I'm using 8TB of NVME in a Raid 0 configuration for my BI drive. With 9 4K cameras, video playback is snappy and I'm quite happy with BI's performance. Recently, I've been kind of craving a big more storage however, because this set up only allows me a few days of playback...
  8. egerlach

    Both Dahua IPC-HFW1230S[..] deny ftp contact router NAS: Right verification failure

    Hi, both Dahua PC-HFW1230S1-S5 and IPC-HFW1230S-0280B-S5 deny ftp to german FritzBox Router 7390: always "Right verification failure". FTP to my internet provider managed server works immediately. From my linux laptop I can make ftp to FritzBox , works. FritzBox routers log tells: ftpuser2...
  9. desertkun

    nfs: Failed to connect the test server: make sure you have SMB running

    Posting this as a solution for googlers alike, should someone encounter this. When setting up NFS NAS for recordings on my DS-2CD2321G0-I-NF, I kept getting "Failed to connect the test server" no matter what I tried. What made things worse is I knew this works with three other cameras, but I...
  10. Hendrix

    Configuring ESS2016X as NAS

    Hi, I want to configure ESS2016X to serve as NAS and connect to NVR, kindly guide me on how to go about it.
  11. F

    Options for a multi-purpose always on machine

    Hi all, I'm way overdue setting up a solution to record footage from my (currently) three Dahua IP cams which I've had in place a few months now. I've finally got round to it so I'd appreciate some guidance as I'd like the solution to have multiple purposes :) So my requirements for the...
  12. ruwan

    Hikvison Camera Recording in both NAS and NVR

    I have Hikvsion Camera Setup and NAS Storage, I need to Set Camera Main Stream Recordings to NVR and Substream to NAS, Can anyone guide me to do that???
  13. saltwater

    Blue Iris - record direct to computer drive or NAS drive - or both

    Ok, I'll preface this with the fact that I do not yet have a NAS drive and have only started researching them. It appears it's a choice between Synology or QNAP and then either a two or four-bay unit. I have only practised with Blue Iris with one camera, getting ready to move into a new house...
  14. justinonemillion

    Is it feasible to use my BI machine as a RAID 1 NAS?

    I currently have a dedicated BI Machine as follows: Dell Optiplex 9020 i7-4790 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 4TB WD Purple 4TB WD Blue 5 cameras of various specs Currently recording at approx 2040 kB/s and 170 MP/s, CPU is at 13%. I run everything thing at moderate FPS (8-13 FPS) to get more historical...
  15. ruwan

    How to send Selected hikvision IP camera Recording from NVR TO NAS, (Camera Doesnot Have NAS Connection option)

    How to send Selected hikvision IP camera Recording from NVR TO NAS, (Camera Doesnot Have NAS Connection opti
  16. Jim davis

    Hello from DFW Metroplex

    Hello everone, I am Jim, I recently purchased a Synology DS918 and wanted to utilize surveillance station on the nas for my nvr. I need 3 to 4 cameras. Been looking at the starlight cams, however I was looking for the newbie documentation on the site to increase my knowledge base. I will...
  17. chinklop

    BI 50tb storage

    hello I have 9 nine camera system that record on continuous. Each camera generates a 24GB file every. the customer wants 6 months of storage. I calculated roughly 50TB. I don't have room in the computer to add that about of storage. Also I would like raid 5 can some one please recommend
  18. Laurentiu Bosca

    IPcam to NAS photo storage

    I've got this issue with my Hikvision DS-2CD6365G0-IS that is connected (NFS) to a DS218j NAS where I cannot find the snapshots that are scheduled at a 5 minute interval. I can see them on the webapp of the camera but not on the NAS. On the NAS folder I can only find the videos that the camera...
  19. TJH132

    Synology Surveillance Station Stress test?

    Looking at the Synology DS1019+ NAS to consolidate some of my media and ipcam needs. To pass the wife test, it must be able to continuously record 4 1080p cams with Surveillance Station, play a 4k movie from Plex and record one TV show with HDHomerun record engine. Is it more a CPU thing or...
  20. P

    Hikvision: how to store a video on a NAS?

    Hi all, Perhaps I've overlooked it on this froum but I'm struggling with my Hikvision camera to store a video directly on my NAS. So far I've succeeded to let the camera store a serie of images (.jpg) on my NAS when motion is detected, but I want it to store a video. These are my devices...
  21. azhyev

    D-Link DNS-1100-04 as NAS Storage

    Hi, I have D-Link DNS-1100-04 that will be utilized as NAS for NVR Hikvision DS-7216HUHI-K2. At ShareCenter Pro, I have enabled file sharing services, then set up sharing folder. I tested on Windows Explorer, this sharing folder can be read and write. At storage management, I choosed...
  22. R

    What is NAS exactly ...OR... can I record on Int/Ext Drives?

    My 3rd camera (DS-2CD2232-I5) has no micro-SD Slot so the (thin) documentation indicates I am to record to a NAS. Does this include the internal/external drives on the macs in my network, ...OR are they quite literal...Ethernet connected external drives on my network? What about DVRs...
  23. Parallax

    Recording to nas. Disk not ready. Tried everything.

    I have tried to record to nas but get disk not ready error. Tried changing the service log on credentials to the one my nas uses. Logging into the same credentials on windows fire explorer I can add edit and delete files. Using freenas if that is useful info
  24. NVStrive

    Gday from Australia

    Hi Guys, noob to the forum im interested in running IP cams on NAS such as Synology surveillance as an alternative to using an NVR Company i work for sells Hikvision/Axis/Bosch/Pelco so im looking to use these Cameras (maybe their NVR's depending on proving the NAS setup as a no deal) ill...
  25. D

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2 can't add NAS HDD

    Trying to add a NAS HDD for an NFS share, this has never worked for me - have just updated to V4.1.70 build 181114 and still no luck. Here's the run down of what happens: - Add a NAS HDD with server and share name - I can search for and it finds the shares on the server OK - NAS HDD is added and...
  26. S

    Recovery of Hikvision Video Stored On NAS

    Hi, Could anyone perhaps guide me where to find information on how to recover the video saved to a NAS from a Hikvision NVR. I have currently setup my hikvision NVR to record to a NAS (redundancy). What I would like to do is test a scenario where my NVR gets stolen, how would I go about...
  27. djvanas

    Dahua continuous recording to NAS

    Hi Guys, I have question, and reaching out for your help! I have setup which consists of three Dahua camera's (IPC-HDBW4631R-ZS, F/W:2.460.0000000.16.R, Build Date: 2017-09-04), however I can't get the Dahua to continuously record to a USB share connect to my Fritzbox router. The SMB share is...
  28. K

    HikVision NVR or Camera recording Backup Strategy

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if you could kindly share your experience with me. My aim is to have a copy of full recordings or at least recording of triggered motion movies to a FTP or NAS or similar location as a back up in case NVR got stolen ! I have HikVision DS-7608NI-K2/8P with and 4 x...
  29. C

    Hikvision Camera Not saving to PC

    Hi there, I am new to the HikVision product. For testing purposes this ipcamera is setup without network access (similar to cctv). I am able to record motion footage schedule onto sd card (32Gig) but not directly to the pc. There is an option to record still shots of the motion, which I was...
  30. S

    Hikvision NVR reset to factory defaults

    Hi i have a QNAP NAS ts231 and was updating the firmware, it required a restart so i restarted it. it came backup a few minutes later. then noticed i could not connect to the NVR at all. hikvision mode ds7608-ni/e2-8p current fimrware V3.4.96 build170921 i then discovered the unit has been...