1. R

    VTO2000A + VTH1560BW - video issues when calling VTO->VTH, opposite direction is ok

    Hi all, I have following setup: Outside: VTO2000A - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Inside: VTH1560BW - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Wired with CAT6 and CAT5 cable. After firmware upgrade I performed factory reset on both. Both see each other in terms of configuration, no apparent...
  2. F

    Non-PoE indoor camera recommendation (UK)

    I'm after an indoor camera to keep an eye on the kids in the play room. There is no ethernet connection in the room and getting one there will be messy so I need it to be Wifi and mains powered. Also would like good 2-way audio capability and compatibility with BlueIris so we can use the BI...
  3. P

    Recommendation on a 8mp dome indoor with audio

    Hi all, I currently have the DS-2CD2542FWD-IWS in the place I am looking for the new dome. It is for a dining room where audio is imporatant. BTW if anyone knows why I cant get audio out the 2542 I would be made up to hear! I have video and audio on main stream selected but no joy?! cheers
  4. C

    Hello from TX! In use of a good starting point for indoor system

    Hi all, Just like most other folks here, long time lurker and first time poster. This seems at the onset one of those things where you may be able to read your way to a first time setup, but my word is there a lot of variability out there. I won't be able to figure this out on my own, so it's...
  5. 2

    Indoor camera advice

    Hello, I have poked around the forums a bit and it seems there are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Most of the recommendations seem to be for outdoor camera's though, I am looking for something indoor that is hopefully fairly compact. I want to setup my condo with indoor network camera's...
  6. cronus98

    Wireless indoor dev-friendly cameras

    hi guys, i'm looking for a wireless camera for indoor use, and the options i've found thus far are pretty abysmal. i'd love some recommendations! what i need: -wireless -HD (preferably 1080p+) -RTSP or other open protocols (i'm a dev and want to write software to do things like timelapse video...
  7. E

    Which cam for pointing through window (day/night) to use with BI?

    I am overwhelmed reading all the different options and am looking for a one cam setup now just to monitor my garden from inside my house looking out through a window. I am not ready to invest hundreds in a full system so just want to start with the best cam to use indoor but through a window...
  8. A

    Greetings and few questions from Poland, EU!

    Hi guys, I'm Artur from Poland, Europe. I'm newbie in this business, so I need your help and knowledge. I'm looking for an IP camera with PT or PTZ, PoE and as small, as possible. What I have? 1. Living room with open kitchen and hall (ca. 40 square meters) - please see attachment 2. Suspended...
  9. RyanODan

    Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-IW 2MP Indoor IR Wifi Cube Camera 4mm

    Up to 2MP (1920 × 1080 @ 30 fps) Resolution Progressive scan CMOS Built-in Micro SD card slot, up to 64 GB IR range approx. 10 meters Two-way audio Built-in microphone and speaker Support Wi-Fi, support WPS configuration with one touch Support PIR (Passive Infrared Detection) Integrated...