1. piotreksl

    Dahua download video with timestamps

    I have huge problems with http://<server>/cgi-bin/loadfile.cgi endpoint whatever i try to type here i get error 400 bad request. Can you tell me how u manage it to work, or give me example of your requests. I can add that other functions of api calls are working properly. Just this generates...
  2. maicol07

    Help with external NVR cameras URL

    Hi, I have an Herospeed NVR with several cameras attached through PoE ports. I can see all the cameras via the NVR web interface but I wouold like to setup them in another LAN app via HTTP, RTSP or ONVIF. I've tried some URLs found online but none worked. Do you know what I can use to do this or...
  3. S

    Unable to establish connection with Dahua controller

    Hello, I'm a developer, I work on a project to make my own acess control system with Dahua products (I work with ASC1204b-s controller) However, I cannot connect to the controller with the HTTP Protocol (Basic and Digest authentication) using the API. Instead of sending back an error code (like...
  4. T

    hikvision http command for ptz

    Hi together, a couple days ago we received and installed the DS-2DE4A225IW-DE poe ptz camera. Since them I am struggeling to find the correct http-commands for pan/tilt and zoom. I like to include the controlling into our home automation. So far I tired this one...
  5. Y

    API-HTTP Command for remote import of configuration to DAHUA NVR/IPC

    Hi, I need to change IVS configuration on my NVR often. And I want to do it from my smartphone. I can change configuration by many-many HTTP commands for each IVS rule and channel, but it is not so convinient. I wonder if there is HTTP command to DAHUA IPC/NVR to automatically import...
  6. vanni93

    Stream Http problem

    Hello, I have a DS-2CD1023G0-I cam and I would like to visualize live stream on a web page. I have already set the sub stream to mjpeg and activate the Hikvision GCI. Putting this url I'm able to take snapshot: ipcam/Streaming/channels/102/picture But putting this one I'm not able to see live...
  7. M

    Hikvision NVR - Record http MJPEG

    Can you configure Hikvision NVR to record HTTP MJPEG streams?
  8. G

    Problem with HTTP-Videostream

    Hi, I have a Hikvision DS-2CD3145F-I and I can access the "still picture" link and the RTSP-Stream via VLC Player. Unfortunately I did not manage to get a video stream via HTTP from the camera. I tried several different kinds of links like: rtsp://IP:port/Streaming/Channels/101...
  9. StanParis

    Switching profile through an http commande

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to change BI profile when my alarm is set. My Fibaro box receives a message when my alarm is set and from Fibaro I should be able to send an http command. Before doing so I'm trying from a simple browser but fail.... here is the command I paste in my browser...
  10. C

    Hikvision HTTP command to change exposure?

    I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-IS (4MP mini-dome) and I know there are some things you can read out and control via HTTP commands. For example, you can get the current motion detection setting with curl http://user:password@ipaddress/MotionDetection/1 >resp.xml and if you modify the...
  11. A

    blueiriscmd - A Python cmd tool for interfacing to the Blue Iris API

    I discovered this awesome project by Magnus Appelquist who constructed a python script he calls blueiriscmd, that allows you to send commands to Blue Iris via HTTP to read status, trigger events, change profile etc all from the command line or embed the python code into your own python scripts...
  12. B

    HTTP request to Cause an Alert

    When I use the following URL to try to get an alert to trigger it comes up with the login screen. When i login with the credentials that I use in the url...i get in and if i run the url again The alert is triggered. What do I have wrong that might be causing the login screen to be displayed...
  13. R

    Blue Iris PTZ presets execute HTTP command for dahua camera

    Hey all, I'd like to use a preset in blue iris to make my dahua SD-59230s-hn go into "pan" mode. This command works when i paste it into my browser (taken from the dahua HTTP API and something posted by bp2008)...
  14. S

    SOLUTION-- HTTP not working after port change

    Hi all! Just wanted to pass along a solution I discovered, while dealing with the somewhat infamous bug that disabled my HTTP access after changing the HTTP port (NOT the port shown/set within SADP) Problem: DS-2CD862MF camera is not accessible via HTTP after changing the HTTP port from its...
  15. P

    No Signal with Foscam FI9804W

    After spending the majority of yesterday on this, I'm giving up and asking for help--I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong! Setting up new Foscam camera and trying to integrate it into Blue Iris. The Foscam set up went fairly smoothly, easily found the camera using the...
  16. Overcon

    Accessing BlueIris via HTTPS

    Hi, I just got BlueIris setup a while ago and I got it open through my Firewall to access it from around the world. The issue I am having is if there is a way to setup blueIris to only allow HTTPS connections to it's Web Server? Right now it is just normal old HTTP and packets can be captured...