1. P

    Fisheye doorbell cam only showing top left quadrant

    I'm new to BI and IP cams. I bought an EZVIZ db1c doorbell cam and got it set up on BI. Seemed to be working fine, but then randomly I can only see the top left quadrant of the fisheye lens in BI. On the EZVIZ app I can see all 4 quadrants. I saw a thread about this (Camera Gotchas - Blue...
  2. Mark_M

    Fish eyes for people counting in tough lighting.

    Pondering some thoughts... I am waiting to try people counting for a large light show I do. This is where it gets tricky. Peak times have 50 people at once. Higher resolution is needed for fisheyes but that takes away from low light capability (and my budget). Add to that, the camera will have...
  3. K

    Fisheye cameras for Blue Iris

    Can anyone help with info on PoE fisheye cameras for use with Blue Iris 5? I'm trying to achieve maximum coverage of the interior and perimeter of a small (1,000 sqft) house on a 12,000 sqft lot. I'm hoping to keep the cost below $1-2k total for 2 interior and 2 exterior cameras, if possible. I...
  4. Mark_M

    Wall mounted fish eye - WHY???

    Axis communications have posted a new video on Youtube with a fish eye camera. A 360 half sphere view. My questions comes to this use. WHY? Why would you mount a camera to a wall. Half of the imaging sensor is capturing the ceiling, what use is that? I have even seen a few Panasonic fish eyes...
  5. N

    Which Dahua NVR supports Fisheye "dewarping"

    Hi, I buy one camera that dont work with my NVR because it dont support Fisheye or dewarping. which NVR do i need for IPC-EB5531P BR, Borz
  6. C

    FIsheye Camera with dewarped camera stream.

    Hi all, we currently have a mobotix q24, hwoever we are moving away from blue iris in favour of a scalable cloud based solution (Eagle Eye Networks) and mobotix cameras arent supported with this solution. we are after a fisheye camera that does the dewarping (panoramic view) prior to encoding...
  7. Betablocker

    Comparison Fisheye for outdoor use: HIKVISION vs. VIVOTEK

    First of all, it's nice that I found the forum. Thanks first and greetings to all users. I'm a little unsure about which camera to use. It's about: DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Hikvision Europe vs. FE9391-EV - Fisheye Network Camera - VIVOTEK 1. The camera is for live streaming on a website and it...
  8. hmmdi

    Compact Fisheye Network Camera : DS-2CD2942F-IS 1.9mm

    from working ibb city Yemen
  9. J

    DS-2CD6332FWD-I Not booting

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a Fisheye 6332FWD for a local school. I'm not sure if it is salvageable but I figured I'd try my luck on here before tossing it. I have searched and tried a ton of things I have found on this forum with no such luck. Here are the pertinent facts -The camera does...
  10. Ryan McClure

    Hikvision NVR + Vivotek Fisheye ??

    I have used Vivotek cams on a Hikvision NVR before. It works well for the most part, except the motion feature either doesn't work at all, or is WAY too sensitive (not that big a deal, just leave it sensitive). I really like all of the Vivotek Fisheye cams. Their aesthetics are more appealing...
  11. J

    blurry (hik)vision DS-2CD63C2F-IVS

    Hi cctv gurus. I've got this DS-2CD63C2F-IVS 12mp fisheye and I just cant get a good image out of it. I've fiddled and changed every setting I can see and not getting anywhere. I've attached some screenshots for your consideration. As you can see in eg1; the bush looks like a painting! Any...
  12. Datarhei

    Searching for Fisheye 360° with min. 24 FPS and dewarped RTSP output

    Hello ipcamtalk-Community, this is my last try to find a special hardware. I am searching for a Fisheye camera with following requirements since 6 month now. 360°view field in fisheye mode (warped) Min. 24 FPS or higher Dewarpted 360° RTSP output Outdoor shelter IP67 I tested the BOSCH...
  13. Javik

    Fisheye dewarping: Immervision and Panomorph

    I should post an update regarding panoramic fisheye dewarping. After a bunch of research I have discovered that it's not so simple to dewarp fisheyes, and as I have discovered from firsthand camera testing, it does not work well with generic fisheye cameras not specifically designed for...
  14. Javik

    Looking for 9+ MP outdoor fisheye cameras

    I am looking for less expensive alternatives to the Panasonic WV-SFV481, a 9MP, 360 fisheye, outdoor, IP66, vandal resistant camera, rated to function to a minimum -40° C/F operating temp. Panasonic specs PDF: It's a...
  15. Javik

    Fisheye camera false advertising

    I am getting really annoyed looking at fisheye camera specifications. The amount of bullshit in the fisheye camera industry is piling up, and I'm getting tired of shoveling through it. If you have a perfectly circular lens view on a rectangular sensor, you should not claim the full sensor...
  16. Javik

    Blue Iris: Fisheye dewarping / panoramic / PTZ ?

    Does Blue Iris offer any built-in support for dewarping fisheye cameras into a more normal looking 4:3 or 16:10 or panoramic view? I see that depending on cost, some fisheye IP cameras are capable of multiple video streams, and offer direct spherical view plus dewarped views internally. For the...
  17. K

    Anyone have an XC-2942F?

    I ordered a model DS-2CD2942F on ebay, and the unit that came is labeled XC-2942F.... ...(obviously different) so I hooked it up and to configure it, and it wont let me change the right network ip address settings to communicate with my network/server/nvr (if you forgive my shotgun approach to...
  18. Tuckerdude

    Fish-EYE Camera support (Please...Pretty Please....Cherry On Top!

    Hey guys....LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Iris! I've now installed a second setup at my house in Arizona, so I love being able to pull up both locations right from my phone (anywhere in the world....just was in China and it worked flawlessly). What I'm wondering about is whether or not there are any...
  19. S

    New 12 MegaPixel Fisheye NOW IN STOCK!

    The NEW Dahua IPC-EBW81200 12MP Ultra HD Vandal-Proof IR Weatherproof Fisheye Lens Security Camera is in stock and available now! If you are interested please call now! Limited supply and I am offering $35.00 OFF + FREE SHIPPING! (Offer only valid through Steven Scott) I can be reached on my...
  20. RyanODan

    12M Ultra HD Vandal-proof IR Network Fisheye Camera IPC-EBW8120

    Retail Price - $874.99 >1/2.3” 12M progressive scan CMOS >H.264 &MJPEG dual-stream encoding >Max 15fps@12M(4000x3000), 25/30fps@3M(2048x1536) >Multiple Correct Mode:Original ,Panoramic, Double Panoramic,1+3,Eptz,4 pictures >DWDR, Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR,ROI, AWB, AGC, BLC >Multiple network...
  21. K

    Digital PTZ and De-fisheyeing video footage

    It would be great if Blue Iris would add support for fisheye cameras such as Digital PTZ and splitting a fisheye stream into multiple different views to seem as if you had 5 cameras when you really only have one. The people I work for are wanting to use PTZ cameras instead of fixed cameras to...
  22. RyanODan

    Hikvision DS-2CD2942F Mini 1.6mm Fisheye Indoor Dome Security 4MP IP Camera

    Hikvision DS-2CD2942F Mini 1.6mm Fisheye Indoor Dome Security 4MP IP Camera Extreme wide angle fisheye field of view for viewing a large area with one camera Indoor Rated Only 1.6mm Fisheye Lens SD Card Slot of onboard storage option Small compact low profile...
  23. T

    Fisheye virtual PZT and linux client

    Hi, I'm interested in the fisheye 180 degree fixed dome cameras, the ones that give you the ability to do a virtual pan/tilt with the view dewarped. However, does anyone know of any makes that work seamlessly with linux based browsers (firefox, chrome etc) and don't rely on funky MS Windows...