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  1. O

    When NVR is online, Few Cameras Connectivity Loss after few Minutes

    Hello Everyone I have a Dahua’s NVR DH-NVR1108HS-S3-H, and I connected 4 Dahua's camera and 1 camera Q100 Brand camera Connected on ONVIF protocol, everything working fine But When NVR is connect to the ROUTER, all cameras are freeze on last frame and after few minutes Showing...
  2. itsisaf

    Dahua NVR custom DDNS server

    Hi, I am currently working on my own DDNS service and Dahua NVR. I have created an endpoint on my server that exposes a simple HTTP endpoint that listens for GET/POST requests and updates subdomain records. everything till here is working fine. I am adding this endpoint to dahua nvr DDNS...
  3. andresp

    New on NVR moving from raspberry pi AgentDVR to Dahua NVR

    I'm rebuilding my cams system, I have 3 old Foscam ip cam (FI9816P) and one more recent ip cam IMOU CRUISER SE+4MP. I have been using raspberry pi with AgentDVR to monitor the 4 cams, it has been working fine, but usually video was not fluid. So I decided to give it a go on with Dahua NVR...
  4. H

    CCTV cameras disconnecting after a couple of days

    Hi Guys recently I put our CCTV NVR, 16 cameras and POE switch on a VLAN. since then after 1-2 days they go into a disconnected state. in order to fix this I have to reboot the switch. does anyknow why this is happening. After checking the NVR logs it just says it disconnected which doesn’t...
  5. P

    dahua nvr and camera ip change

    hello everyone im having a dahua 5 camera setup with 1 nvr my setup is simple in wich all the wiring is comming from the camera to a network switch and from the switch a single wire to my router for all 5 camera wheras the nvr is directly connected to the router via ethernet port recently i...
  6. C

    Groundloop noise/ buzzing nvr speaker

    Hi there I bought the Adastra AH25 horn speaker for my Dahua nvr and as soon as I connected it to power it gives me a groundloop noice(I think it's called?). And someone told me that I should just connect it to aa singel power Socket. But the problem is that it's going to be installed in a...
  7. Bara1980

    Nvr difererence

    What difference between this 2 models dahua nvr5216-16p-i and dahua nvr5216-16p-i /l?
  8. P

    Dahua nvr - HDD

    I'm struggling to get a Seagate Iron Wolf 4Tb HDD to work in a Dahua nvr. Should I be able to get it to work or do I need to purchase a Skyhawk?
  9. F

    Replacement for QC888

    I have a QC888 NVR and the cameras that came with it, as well as two additional Dahua starlight cameras. My NVR recently died when the power went out. One LED lights up but otherwise nothing. I’ve tried 3 power supplies and the little internal button and disconnecting the hard drive, but...
  10. DeWaFre

    Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E: NEW firmware/interface?

    Hello guys, I'm new here so hi to you all (sorry for my bad english writing skills :rolleyes::rolleyes:) I would like to upgrade the firmware of my NVR to the new interface of Dahua. Its a Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E (copy/paste of current web app) The current firmware is 3.216.0000000.0...
  11. ermac

    Axis Cameras on Dahua NVR

    Hi, I have a Dahua XVR and Dahua cams both IP and HDCVI. I am looking at some Axis IP domes on the remaining slots I have available on the system. Does anyone know exactly how much functionality will be lost on the Axis cameras going through the Dahua XVR? Is it still worth it? Would I still...
  12. J

    WTS Dahua NVR 5432-16P-4K2SE

    Selling an almost new Dahua NVR I got from Empire Andy. $400 shipped. They are $540 new. I made decision to use Blue Iris so no longer have need for the NVR. In perfect condition with all cables and parts. You will need to supply your own hard drives.
  13. E

    Login failed - when trying to auth over internet

    Hi all, So, I've got a Dahua NVR (NVR2104HS-S2) with 4 cameras connected to it. Everything works fine except authenticating with admin login with Internet Explorer over the internet. I've port forwarded a none standard port to port 80 on the NVR and If I use a browser that doesn't have the...
  14. S

    DAHUA NVR 5216 16P diagnosis please.

    Hi everyone, need an urgent diagnosis of my DAHUA NVR 5216-16P-4KS2 please. A couple of days ago, I noticed that none of my 11 cameras were being displayed on my tv having a long hdmi cable from one to another. Went into the log and it stated that all cameras had disconnected at the same time...
  15. M

    Dahua NVR4232-16P-4KS2 - Network Config Issues & MTU Question

    So I recently purchased a NVR4232 and I'm having some issues. 1) It doesn't seem to like pulling DHCP from my router (I've statically assigned the lease to When I set the unit to DHCP, it goes to and I can reboot it and it never seems to pull, however if I statically set...
  16. N

    Dahua NVR2x, 4x series with SAS drive

    Hi all, I have searched google and dahua wiki page but not sure about Dahua NVR 1x, 2x and 4x (i.e DH-NVR2108) which can support SAS drive or not. Any one has ever tried to put SAS drive (3TB, 4TB, WD or HGST) on Dahua NVR? Is the drive recognised or even work? Or simply does not work at all...
  17. S

    Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 with Hikvision cameras?

    Hello I have not updated my NVR5216-16P-4KS2 to the latest firmware as I wanted to use 3rd party cameras. My parent's Hik DS-2CD2532F is playing up with 12V power supply, but works ok with PoE. I wanted to try to connect to it using Dahua NVR, but having no luck. Camera is powered by the NVR's...
  18. Z

    DHI-NVR no video after reboot

    Got an DHI-NVR2104HS-P-S2 with 4 cameras. All worked fine after the installation (almost plug&play) but after the very first auto reboot there's no video at all. Interesting is that the NVR is on the 192.168.1.X but the cameras are on the 10.1.1.X network. After reboot I see that all 4 is...
  19. bigoliver

    Dahua NVR choice

    Hi I am looking to purchase my CCTV set up within a few days, sooner the better really. I live in the UK and I believe international firmware is the best? Ihave a Netgear 24 port 190W Gigabit PoE+ switch (GS724TP-200EUS) I intend to use 12 x Dahua 5231 ZE cameras with it. Although I want to...
  20. K

    Solution - If issues with Dahua NVR608-xx-4KS2 series

    Had issues with not being able to login with IE and being locked out. Also rebooting/resetting when trying to connect. It looked like firmware incompatibility with cameras and NVR because the NVR uses 2016 firmware. Working solution. NVR firmware: Index of /images/Firmware...
  21. nofali

    PTZ function through NVR

    Dahua nvr not recognizing the PTZ function through Smart PSS can't control the ptz ! please help!
  22. M

    Dahua NVR don't recognize Dahua cameras (screenshots attached)

    Hi, I'm in the process of installing home surveillance system that includes: * Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 * 8 Dahua IP cameras IPC-HDW5231R-Z So far I've installed all the cameras and connected 4 of them to the NVR. In the ConfigTool I can find the NVR and the cameras: Connecting to each...
  23. C

    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 setup for newbies

    I don't see a thread on this, though I've seen a bunch of hints in other threads. Just received my 5216 and 2 turrets from EMPIRETECANDY on recommendations posted here (thank you for sharing your knowledge u/nayr ) And quick set up guides (think I saw reference). I have some network...
  24. Jase1

    How to get best Mobile experience?

    Hi Folks, So glad I found this forum. Didn't know so many others had deployed as many IP Cameras and were deep in the NVR and Smart Home world. Yeah! So I've got 12 Dahua POE cams around the house and tired of Bluecherry and other software based NVRs running as VMs in my VM environment. I'm...
  25. E

    Axis cam P3367 to Dahua NVR NVR4208-8P

    Can anybody give some advice about settings for the camera so it will work with Dahuas NVR ?
  26. D

    Dahua NVR5832-16P-4KS2 and 8 TB drives

    Howdy, The Dahua NVR5816/5832/5864-16P-4KS2 systems work smoothly with the 8TB Purple WD80PUZX drives. Sees the drives, formats properly, and records without issues.
  27. Inigo

    Dahua NVR Purchase

    I have been wanting to install surveillance cameras for years and am finally ready to dive in (and already pulled some Cat 6 while working other projects). After reading these forums, I have decided on a Dahua NVR and Dahua cameras, with an 8 camera system being adequate, and I currently plan on...
  28. Fastb

    Alarms - It's like it never happened!

    All, My system: - Dahua 4216 NVR. - Dahua cameras (IPC-HFW4300S, IPC-HFW1200S-W, IPC-HDBW4421E-AS) I’ve enabled alarms in camera and NVR. With MD, the beeper in the NVR goes off, the NVR Alarm Output turns on (for the connected strobe light) and the NVR sends out an email. Here's my...
  29. K

    Hello Newbie on board

    Hi just wondering if any one have links or reviews on dahua nvr4208 8p 4K ? Or something similar from other brands. :)