1. S

    IVS and Alarm Centre help

    Hi all, I am having a frustrating time trying to figure out how to use the new upgraded user platform and the alarm centre with IVS activations. I have 4 x IPC-HDW4431EM-ASE, on a NVR4108-8P-4KS2 running the new V4.001.0000003.1 software. I think the new software is fantastic but can't seem to...
  2. M

    What encryption do HIKVision cameras use?

    I'm trying to understand the protocol that HikVision SADPTool uses to activate a camera. I used Wireshark to capture some packets, and below are contents of those packets in plain text: Packet 1 (sent from SADPTool) <?xml version="1.0"...
  3. Storm Johnson

    Blue Iris will not install

    I purchased blue iris through IP Cam Talk. I installed the software and put in serial code I received in email. I then get message I have to “activate” software by sending url and get activation code. So I copy it all down and drive the 15 miles back into town to get wifi signal. I get...
  4. J

    "Time Out" Activation Error

    I set up my first DS-2CD2142FWD-I successfully several months ago. I ordered a second identical model but get a "Time Out" error when I try to activate. Please see attached image. There are two main differences between the two but cannot troubleshoot the cause of the "Time Out" error. First...
  5. MarkWWD

    Dahua Face Detection PTZ Activation

    I have a Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN-W and I have enabled Face Detection feature in order to move to another PTZ Preset when a face is detected. Somehow, the camera won't move if I walk in front of it. I have set another PTZ location/preset to move to but it just doesn't.. Photo of the settings is in...