1. T

    Recommended Hikvision Driveway Camera (4MP or 8MP, ColurVue or Accusense G2?)

    I currently have an outdated Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS 3MP Mini Dome with 4mm lens, but it really sucks at night. The street light glares off the mini dome and all detail is lost. My turret in the backyard is much better. I know there is the ColorVue vs Accusense G2 options, and the 4MP vs 8MP...
  2. TundraCam

    4MP/Varifocal/Starlight? IPC-HFW5442E-ZE, N45DB7Z, Or ??

    Hi Andy. I THINK what I want for a base general purpose camera is 4MP / Varifocal / Starlight? Ideally turret but it seems for now bullet may be the only good option? These would fulfill about 17 positions w/ the remaining 10 a combo of PTZ and higher rez fixed focus. These seem good options...
  3. S

    Looking for feedback : Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU (Colorvu) or Hikvision Darkfighter DS-2CD2345FWD-I

    Good Morning! I have been reading a lot on these forums. I have determined I don't want to self-install, and therefore my options are limited. So far - the security camera companies near me really only deal with Hikvision/LTS and don't really mess with dahua, unfortunately. I have narrowed...
  4. S

    Processor Recommendation for 8, 4mp (2688x1520) Cameras.

    I'm looking to replace my current cameras and add 4 more, so I'll need to upgrade my Blue Iris machine since it tops out at CPU usage a lot. Looking over at the wiki (Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk), there are some great recommendations, but it doesn't really give any specifics...
  5. J

    4MP advantage when used as 2MP

    Hi people, I'm interested if someone can give me an advice. If I buy this Hikvision model: DS-2DE5425IW-AE which has a 4MP, 1/2.5" sensor. If I configure the cam to give out only a 2MP image which I will stream to YouTube, will I have any advantage over, for example, a cheaper Hikvision model...
  6. L

    Doubt in three non-known PTZ models

    I have ridden in my house Dahua IPC-HDBW4433R-ZS of 4MP with varifocal and automatic zoom. But I need one in the living room with PTZ. I like the design of this DH-SD29204T-GN but it seems to be old. In the forum I see that like more this DH-SD1A203T-GN. I would like to know what would...
  7. Promod117

    WTS Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I 4MP POE IR WDR Fixed Dome Network Camera 2.8mm Lens

    $90.00 Brand New. Opened to test and photograph. US Retail version! Ships FREE upon confirmed payment! Buyer responsible for proper set up and installation. Any questions? Please ask. Thanks for looking!
  8. B

    DS-2CD2442FWD-IW AMA

    Just picked up one of these 4MP cameras to replace my 3MP DS-2CD2432F-IWs. So far I’m pleased and low light performance is significantly better than the 3MP camera. I will likely get more of these. Feel free to ask me anything.
  9. Denny Basham

    Greetings from Denver, CO

    Hey Folks, Discovered this site about a month ago and finally joining and absorbing it all. In the process of setting up my own DIY system with a Netgear GS724TPS 24 port switch as my POE backbone and a Dell Optiplex SFF PC with a Core2 Quad 2.67 Ghz CPU and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM running Windows...
  10. nayr

    Dahua 4MP Varifocal Bullet (IPC-HFW5421E-Z)

    I present Dahua's Eco Savvy 2.0 4MP UHD Varifocal Bullet: Potential Uses: License Plate Reading / Overview / Indoor Industrial (Garage/Warehouse) Verdict: Not yet rendered, check back again soon. Disclaimer: This camera was provided to me in exchange for a fair and unbiased review by...
  11. C

    Worked fine - then went Direct-to-Disk and now image corruption when there is movement...

    Hey there, So I've been using BI for a few months now with 3x Hikvision cameras (2x 4Mp, 1x 3Mp). I am running this on an HP elitebook with an intel i5-4310U CPU, 8GB of ram , and a 256GB SSD. Running Windows 10. This machine is only used for the NVR software. I am using hardware...
  12. A

    NVR, Cam and supplier advice needed

    4 MP vs 5 MP/77xx or 76xx/HOFOTech Hi everyone! I am looking to install 8 IP camera in an office/factory space. I am considering 5 x DS-2CD2142FWD - I (4mp) 3 x DS-2CD2T42WD - I8 (4mp) Should I go in for 4 MP or 5 MP. I saw some people suggest that 4 MP performs better. Is that correct...
  13. Abbell

    Cantonk 4MP Camera

    CanTonk Camera Review Background First, let me offer some perspective. I am not a techie to the extreme as many here are. I am a jack of all trades for better or worse. I do not have limitless resources to play with my toys. I am the sole provider in my house and my disposable income is usually...
  14. Z

    Hi! NEED a better suggestion (82 US is cheap) Hikvision Nuublet - DS-2CD3145f-I 4MP

    Need help on a widescreen outdoors dome camera sitting under the roof in every corner of the house. A. What lens should I use? Cameras sit 4 meters above ground with 270 or 180 degree views. One for entrance. B. Total 8 cameras. One for entrance. C. Preferably H.265 due to bandwidth D. Night...
  15. C

    DS-2CD3345-I vs DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS

    Needing an IP camera to put on my house pointing towards my vehicles about 50' away illuminated by streetlight. Mainly for night surveillance but also daytime as well. Having some break-in problems. Which camera will be more effective at getting a clear picture of a thief? I really like the IP...
  16. F

    Found Firmware that fixes Hikvision 4MP WDR Performance DS-2x42 IP WDR

    Hello Everyone...been reading this forum for a while and all the insight I have gained from all your posts is invaluable. Thank you and this will be my first post. There have been a number of previous posts regarding Grey Image problems with the 120db WDR enabled on some of the newest...
  17. nzipcamera

    New model from Hikvision DS-2CD2F42FWD-I(W)(S) - 4MP WDR Mini PT Network Camera

    http://overseas.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_512_i5612.html Looks better than the DS-2CD2Q10FD-I(W) 1.0 MP CMOS PT Camera.