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    Any one use Free (unlicensed) Windows 10 w/ Blue Iris?

    As a side note, ALL those that used the "Permanently Activate your M$ products for free" mainly seen on youtube, that get you to run a few lines of code that connect to 'some' KMS servers... They went offline yesterday :)
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    Which new Intel NUC?

    OK, I HAVE run BI on a few Intel NUC's, from a celeron, YEAH !! for testing, but mainly 2 x i7 5th and 7th gen machines. I had the machines and decided to test with them, I have the full height units units, so I have 2 drives (SSD), I used Windows 10 professional for the OS. Operation is...
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    For those that need to run PoE that bit extra ;-)

    Not seen this before, may be of some use to peeps on here who need more than the 100m Mikrotik GPeR extending PoE cable runs
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    Deconstruction of a dangerous misleading youtube review "Finding the BEST 4K Security Camera NVR Package (Reolink vs Amcrest vs Swann)"

    I've watched a few of his videos and some from the others mentioned, my feelings are that he has now identified himself as an 'influencer' and as such now believes his own rhetoric, I would imagine that he has obtained a cosy relationship with suppliers like Reolink and others, and the lure of...
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    Hello from Perth - CCTV and Intercomm Integration Question

    Decent pricing, another sandgroper here, I would suggest you 'possibly' think about a 16 port NVR, reason? once you start you often find that you want more :) Not able to offermuch help on the dahua as my setup is hikvision stuff. in place for a few years now, otherwise welcome and enjoy
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    DS-7608NI-SE Not quite a brick

    Hmm Pale Moon works fine on the cameras but NOT on the NVR OK, there are a few posts on here about similar issues, mine was an issue with Windows 10 , but I do know that the IE Tab extension on chrome will allow me to see both the NVR and Cameras with full access.
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    DS-7608NI-SE Not quite a brick

    Try using pale moon browser
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    Browser for connecting to camera and view playback

    There are a few other posts on here that 'cover' similar issues, one for me was that Windows 10 had done something on an update that NOW rendered Pale Moon as not 100% I proved this with a new install and no updates and Pale Moon worked just fine, and as is with Windows, it also worked fine...
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    Latest New NVR4XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000003.1.R.200813

    Cheers, just the info I needed
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    Latest New NVR4XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000003.1.R.200813

    Hi, can I just ask, what version of firmware were you on before 4.0? I am used to hikvision where you can see previous ones on the download page, but so far for me on dahua i can only see the 4.0 versions Cheers
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    ismart ? Dahua nvr help if possible

    1st off, I have limited experience of the 'Dahua' side of things, but plenty on both BI and Hikvision, so I do know my way around them. I have encountered via a friend the following unit. ismart 4208 4k 8 port poe nvr 2017/02/24 Using what I now so far, it appears to be a...
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    NVR systems - Dahua or Hikvision...or other?

    IMHO I found the Dahua interface to be a little retro and old fashioned The Hikvision early models was slightly better, but still ancient, the newer one only slightly better Blue Iris is a powerful PC based option, but has a steep learning curve. If you have the situation where 'others' may...
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    Why does Blue Iris require administrator privileges (UAC prompt)?

    No point, i keep it in a folder called pr0n with a password of password1 so no chance they will ever guess that. :)
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    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    Something was bugging me, so as time is available currently.... My main machine is a brand new NUC with Windows 10 1909 pro and this I 'thought' was clean as such. I had a recent issue where chrome would not update to the latest version and nothing I tried resolved the issue, I then had an...
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    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    NFI as to why they are/could be different, but in side note, I just dropped 2 of my cameras back 1 update to 'fix' the issue that they had with web browsers... Whilst on the surface this things look simple. the truth is way deeper than that, as I am learning (yeah yeah Alistair I know it's a...