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  • good morning mrc545

    I have been following this thread with great interest :( - I known its going to cost me a lot of $$$

    I built my 2950X about a 19 months ago and several others since then (another 2950X for one of my sons and a bunch of 3700X's). The 3970X looks very interesting to me. It would be an upgrade from my current Threadripper and wouldn't blow the budget like a 3990X.

    Can you give me some insight here on your choice of ram? I understand the 3600 speed choice. What specific models / brands of memory sticks did you look at? Are you doing much RGB in your build? I built my 1st pc in 1976 (8080) and when I started building again a couple of years ago I couldn't even understand the 'why' in RGB. Now I'm kind of hooked :)

    How did you choose your mb? I used an Aorus Xtreme for my 2950X but got turned off by their software (and lack of help in trying to resolve my problems). I still think Gigabyte makes a very good product and would probably lean to going that way for my next build.

    Have you considered any of the small tablets they put inside the computer for custom monitoring/display?

    Any info you would care to share would be appreciated.

    I'm totally with you on the 3970x being a good choice. For me, the juice wasn't worth the squeeze for the 3990x when you do a dollar per core ratio, and it would have totally blown my budget.

    I spent a while looking at what RAM to get, and what would work with my mobo via the QVL. I ended up the F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC 64 GB 3600mhz kit from G.Skill. It is apparently optimized for Ryzen, and is supposed to maintain the 1:1 infinity fabric ratio. Folks have commented that it gave them no issues with their TR builds. I am going to start piecing together the mobo this week, and should have it fired up at the end of the week, so hopefully it syncs well with everything. I will include that in my report.

    The DIMMs are RGB, but nothing special as far as lighting or custom monitoring or anything is going into it. I'm building in a Phanteks Enthoo Primo case, but it's going to be in the corner of a spare room and I'm going to be RDP'ing into it from my primary PC. The case is super nice, and is massive. I will have 10 3.5" spinners in it (6 in the 3.5" bays, and 4 in the 5.25" bays with slide-out holders) so the size was justifiable. Plenty of room for fans in all kinds of places. Great cable management. I am impressed. I'm going to try air cooling this beast, so I put Noctua Industrial case fans in strategic places to keep the air flowing well.

    I went with the Aorus Master for my mobo, only for the reason that my 9900k build was on a Gigabyte mobo and everything worked fine. It wasn't the best, but it also gave me no issues. The Master has lots of the same important features as the Xtreme (like the VRM), and the Xtreme has features that I have no use for (like the massive M.2 capability- 3 slots works fine for me on the Master)
    Thanks for your input!
    I stated 'building' a list in pcpartpicker. I thought about cannibalizing my threadripper box but that seems wasteful to not use a perfectly good mb and processor someplace else. I will probably just pull my 2080 TI out and replace it with a lesser gpu so I can use the machine for other work - maybe dedicated to BI and my ham station.
    I'll follow your progress, please keep posting.

    Good luck & stay safe!
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