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    CodeProject AI Server running on separate computer

    CP:AI does now support some GPUs, have a look in the main thread, lots of useful info there.
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    Multiple storage devices

    What I do is keep drives as separate drives so no spamming or other software based disk management. Then as @wittaj has pointed out logically split the drives across the drives, so I have exactly as described in the previous post so if one drive dies then I’ll still have one cam view at the...
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    I'm ready to give CodeProject.AI a try... Install instructions?

    There’s a massive thread on this in which I think you’ve actually posted, is a bit of a read but lots of useful info in there.
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    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI,

    I just today installed Docker Desktop for Windows, made sure WSL2 was limited to only use 2GB of RAM (for now), pulled the latest version of CodeProject:AI Server and ran it on port 32168. All seems to be working, only performed a few benchmark tests and detection tests to see what the response...
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    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    Assuming that you’ve either tried a mobo firmware update or have no update then it’s more and more sounding like a faulty drive. Might have missed it but what system or mobo do you have?
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    Where is the cheapest place to order dahua cameras internationally?

    ^ This Make sure you are also comparing like for like in terms of the model numbers and just just one 8Mp against a random other.
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    POE problems and camera reboots (specially at night)

    Good spot, had to scan that page for the cable quite a few times to eventually find 32 gauge wire [emoji15]
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    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    I’d try different SATA cables and if possible try the drive in another machine. Can you run a scan on the drive with sea tools?
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    Thrill of a Lifetime or Trap?

    If it is in India then the people who lived will be told they are lucky and that that is their compensation. I’ve been to carnival rides in India and there is little to no health or safety checks, then when there’s an accident all sorts of things will be said but the day after things will...
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    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    What motherboard do you have? The drives need to be formatted as GPT drives within Windows. You might need a BIOS upgrade if the BIOS is really old.
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    Pringles Guy

    Presumably they’ve had previous thefts of mail?
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    The Typical picture of a Perp on Nextdoor-type Apps with Consumer Grade Cameras like Ring, Nest, Arlo, Canary, Wyze, etc.

    So which is the thief? The guy with the rucksack or the guy with what looks like a strimmer?
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    Just Saw A Mountain Lion

    Love the way it just walks through the gate without so much as a thought.
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    Fire engulfs highrise in China

    What you mean is the driver is an idiot! I’ve seen all sort of Tesla video where the driver is way to trusting and basically idiotic when using this technology.
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE substream not working blue iris

    Have you performed a find/inspect on the cam?