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  • Hello.
    Since I paid for order #22160 but have not received a key, I will contact Paypal in 24 hours and report you for fraud or theft.
    I paid with Paypal and have a receipt for it.
    Also contact Blue Iris so they can stop you from scamming others.
    Will write on all forums that you deceived me.
    Disappointed, Bjorn
    Posting this on your profile means people probably won't see it. Have you checked your spam folder? Nobody else has experienced this and many purchase from this site. @Mike any thoughts on the issue.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Well, paid for it with Papal and have a receipt.
    The money has been withdrawn from my account.
    The order still says "Order Failed" and no key received.
    Have written to them 3 times but they don't care.
    Also attached receipt 2 times.
    No response from them.
    I think Paypal will find out why they blew me off.
    I will recommend closing the Paypal account so he doesn't cheat anymore.
    I guess I'll see what happens and if I get the money back.
    Getting so tired of people who seem to be running a scam.
    Greetings Björn
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, to Mike.
    After some exchange of letters, I have now received a key.

    Best regards, Björn
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