Calculate dew point from temp & humidity

Add-on Calculate dew point from temp & humidity 1.3

Updated the log file to show up in the BIT interface.
Temporarily removed the log rotation function which seems to be causing problems.
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New, updated version! Resolved a couple bugs.
  • Fixes
    • Is only called on 'weather_get_temp' now. Prior to this change it was being called on both 'weather_get_temp' and 'weather_get_humidity" which was causing a race condition and therefore not always updating properly. Big thanks to AMP for identifying the problem and solution.
  • Additions
    • Automatically adds dewpoint to the everything file. (NOTE: This will not work properly when CPU is part of your everything file. CPU updates the file very frequently overwriting the added dewpoint data.
    • Add csv logging for dewpoint calculations (C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Iris Tools\log\dewpoint.log)
Let me know if you find any problems with the update and if you have any suggestions for this addon or another one. Oh yeah, a big shoutout to Mike for helping me get this uploaded and ready to use.
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