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Just joined this morning and have some questions about License Plate Recognition LPR Security Camera W/ Long Range 8-32mm Lens. I have a copy of Blue Iris on a computer and wonder if I have to also install the recognition software fro this camera on same computer and wonder if this will overwhelm the computer resources? Also can Blue Iris take full advantage of all the features of this camera without using the software that comes with he camera, IE can I adjust everything on the camera without switching to the app for this camera? Lastly what are the mounting restrictions(distance, angles, etc) and for nighttime use is IR or regular LED flood lights better?
You need to ask this on the forum :)
Hey! Can you give me a program that will unpack IPCDC_H7_EN_STD_5.5.850_210809?
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Do you have anymore Hikvision 2CD2347G2-LU cameras in stock? I need one to compare to colorvu gen1. And also, did they improve the audio quality from gen1?

Thanks for chiming in on the security thread. It sounds like Hikvision did a thorough look at their product line and obviously with access to their code base, they should (!) be able to do better than you. Give me a holler if you ever have a need to test the G1 family.
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Hi Ramidev

I would like to list number plates from the Hikvision ANPR camera. I get the same Invalid XML Content responce you got in your previous post:

<statusString>Invalid XML Content</statusString>

Can you advise how you got it to work via Postman ?

Many thanks
Blueiris 5 server app shows my 8 cameras online and working but recently when I access the server using the UI3 interface two cameras are not shown. They appear when you select the "Full Camera List" but show have "no image" in the little screen?
This came up suddenly the other day and I don't recall updating the firmware or making any other changes for months now?
Can you help me please
I'm bricking Dahua VTO4202F-P with TFTPServer and I'm getting
Client root\failed.txt, File not found or No Access

commands.txt is as bilow
tftp 0x82000000 kernel.img; flwrite
tftp 0x82000000 partition-x.cramfs.img;flwrite
tftp 0x82000000 romfs-x.squashfs.img; flwrite
tftp 0x82000000 data-x.squashfs.img; flwrite
tftp 0x82000000 web-x.squashfs.img; flwrite
tftp 0x82000000 sign.img; flwrite
sleep 5
Not sure how we rate here, but we run 12 cameras on 3 licenced Blue iris workstations at the Southern tip of Africa, in Cape Town.
Hi, can I ask you something about the DB1? Mine (tested several copies) gets very hot at the rear. Both at 8V and 12V. Is that also the case with you? Regards, Bas
Hallo, mag ik u iets vragen over de DB1? Die van mij (meerdere exemplaren getest) wordt erg heet aan de achterzijde. Zowel bij 8V als 12V. Is dat bij u ook het geval? Groet, Bas
I have upgraded NVR6000 Chinese firmware by mistake, I need to return back to English/multi languages support, kindly share the link to download firmware of NVR6000.
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Am kindly really need your help, I bought 2 cameras which are D73W when i tried to connect it to Wifi on my android phone the Wifi password doesn't much and to make the matters worse the camera doesn't have a reset button.
What should I do in order to reset it or to change the Wifi password?
You have written this on your own profile page.
Post a thread in the forums for best visibility.