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hi eCandy.. i have a new project to replace existing coax cameras inside an arcade (dim lighting) . they currently have 16 cameras. many moons ago i was advised to go with the Dahua re-branded StarLight 2MP Varifocal cameras for low light . however, i see there is now an 8mp variant . (

8MP Starlight Lite Varifocal IP Camera) with are 4k i believe? i would appreciate your opinion on which cameras to go with and i'm open to any other suggestions. they would need to integrate with blue iris, and poe powered. again, low light, high resolution (enough to distinguish facial features) is priority. please pm' if you can help me order something :D tia

I'm looking to replace cameras in a parking garage and replace old DVR. The old cameras:
Vitek CCTV VTD-A2812/VW
The old DVR: 16 Ch Magic Series DVR (?)
The client is a condo association. Cameras must be vandal proof. Can you recommend cameras for this association and a compatible DVR? Thank you. George (
Hi Andy,

I'm interested in the Dahua 5542T-ZE 4mp varifocal turret.
If I understand correctly, the ones you sell on your Amazon and Aliexpress stores are the same Dahua cameras but rebranded, correct?

Hi Andy,

I'm looking to purchase a DS-2CD2087G2-LU with a 6mm lens. Can you please advise the cost to ship to Perth, Western Australia.

Hello Andy. Picked up a IPC-T2831TM-AS from you and I notice it does not give the option for WDR in the settings. Perhaps I need a firmware update? I did a couple searches and did not see IPC-T2831TM-AS and firmware results. Can you provide a link or suggestions please?

Device TypeIPC-T2831TM-AS-2.8mm
System VersionV2.800.15OG000.0.R, Build Date: 2020-06-28
WEB VersionV3.2.1.913679
ONVIF Version19.06(V2.6.1.888170)
Security Baseline VersionV2.1

Smart Off
10 FPS
8192 Kb/S
Sub Stream enabled

Thanks for your time!
How to explain the work of software for Hi-Lock and Hikvision, the new version, such as k1 for decoding the password by connecting a TTL TO USB circuit through the PUTTY program and the tftpd32 program and explaining the codes and shortcuts of the program
What are the new codes for the architecture, the new version, to create software via TTL TO USB?
Hello Andy,
I recently discovered my remote camera view for my Qsee NVR is no longer working. I have a QCK 81 NVR. I spoke with someone who said you could help with options, Firmware?, different App?, Dahua NVR?? that allows remote viewing. I am not sure how to fix. Please contact me at I appreciate your help in getting back up for remote viewing.
hello sir. I see your post in unbrikking VTO. I have a brikked (in loop reboot) Vto 3211d-p2 can you give me any suggestion for unbrick it by tftp ? best regards
I have a Hikvision CCTV system installed with a DVD recorder.
I have purchased a EZVIZ DB1 video doorbell thinking that I could easily add this to my system.
However when I looked how to connect the power supply, the instructions only refer to a door chime having 3 simple connections - Transformer, Front, Rear.
My door chime is a Freidland 991 model with 4 connections - 0, 1, 2, 3 and whatever combination I try, I can't get it to work.
Anyone any ideas?
Hi Brad, can you please advise who you purchased the Hikvision ColorViu cams from?

Thank-you for your Tim