Calculating Required Hard Drive Size

This tool is used to calculate hard drive / storage space for you IP Camera setup. Choose from the predefined Camera Resolution and FPS to determine your Mbps (bitrate) or input your own bitrate to use the calculator. Formulas by @bp2008. Click here for the wiki article.

IP Camera Hard Drive Calculator
The camera resolution value is required for most of the calculations, it will be used to determine the bitrate (Mbps)
Select the FPS if using a predefined resolution.
This value would be calculated based on FPS and RESOLUTION, you can also change it directly only if you do not want to use above mentioned 2 values
Number of cameras w/ these settings
Number of days video must be stored on drive

Required disk space for these days =

Camera Capacity Calculations
We can calculate the camera capacity using above mentioned bitrate and cameras
Input the hard drive size to calculate the # of days based of bitrate.

Number of days =

You usually get to store around 90% of the advertised capacity (formatted).

Accurate result =