Setup questions related to accessing BI through a routers VPN


May 21, 2016
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Hey there,

Just FYI, I use openVPN on my ASUS router to grant my iphone access to the local network even when Im away from the house. It works great when I want in, but since the VPN disables itself when I come and go, Ive found that I dont get notifications (presumably unless I turn my VPN back on first after I leave) (PS: I disabled SMS alerts because my text alerts were arrived hours late (Verizon))
1) Is that the way it works for all of you as well?

BI seems to autofill the wan IP and port on its web server tab automatically., I had HOPED since I was using a VPN, I could disable the public : port address but it always plugs those numbers right back in after I delete them.
2) since I'm not forwarding any ports, should I even worry about this?

Screenshot 2022-07-19 084642.png

Windows firewall [on my server] has an entry that lets BI see through it, and there are checkboxes for both public and private. Each time I disable 'public', a new line item is automatically created RE-ENABLING public.
3) Is BI doing this?
4) since I have no ports being forwarded at the router level, should I be concerned?
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Are there any VPN-related best practices I should follow before I call this setup a wrap?


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Apr 15, 2021
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Because you are using a VPN connection to access your home network (and subsequently BI), I believe you do not need to have the 'refresh external IP at startup...' option selected.

This is most likely the cause of the WAN IP address 'auto populating'


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Apr 28, 2019
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Nothing to worry about.

Yep many mobile providers keep tightening their spam algorithms that will delay SMS, and push from the BI app with pictures only works if local or VPN on or you port-forward.

Many of us use the Pushover app ($5) so that we get push notifications with an image whether we are home or not. That way you don't have to VPN unless you get a push that warrants you pulling up the video.

The public/private in the firewall simply has to do with what network your computer is on. It will call it either private or public based on what YOU set up your network as. I suspect your home network was labeled as public and that is why the firewall adds a new one so that you don't block yourself from your own system. As long as you are not taking the BI computer to Starbucks, nothing to worry about LOL.