Hi from Scotland


Nov 9, 2023
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South Lanarkshire
Just a quick 'Hi' from me to the group. I'm in South Lanarkshire and have just started making my own ethernet cables; we bought a new TV and the way this house is laid out and built with its solid brick walls, I found the Wifi signal was a bit unstable; solution, make a wired connection for the TV. Not having done any RJ45 work for a while I knew I was capable and bought some tools. I have posted in the forum on this, about cutting back the ends of the wires after passing through the RJ45.
Married and getting on now (at 60yrs) I dont work so I find projects to do to fill my time, collecting CDs, model making, Watching videos regarding my interests and watching music videos, I also read and enjoy my music, I have always been independent and that includes some seemingly easy tasks that I do myself, save money, thats if I can find someone to do it for me and there are many out there who will come and do an RJ45. too late, dunnit myself! Hi to all here and thanks for allowing me to join here.:wave: