1. ppp

    Best IP camera for low light without IR LEDs

    Hi, I've been asked to source 4 cameras to monitor some astronomy equipment during night observations, ideally wide angle. I cannot use IR LEDs as they will affect the equipment. Any recommendations on the best setup for such a case? Thanks! Peter
  2. aldobordi

    How to display latest image from Dahua cams on a webpage?

    I am trying to use my new HDBW-81200 as a HD webcam, FTPing an image capture every 10' to my website. Unfortunately it's not possible to choose a fixed path/filename, Dahua cams create a multilevel structure making impossible to reference the latest image in a html page. I suppose the easiest...
  3. M

    DeskCamera - virtual Onvif IP camera running on a PC

    The solution for setting up a video surveillance on PC workstations that perform business sensitive operations. DeskCamera is a small background application that turns a PC into virtual Onvif IP camera with PC screen and webcam live video feeds. It supports multiple monitors/desktops and...