1. Ceezyro

    door lock problem

    So i have the VTO3211D-P2 and the VTH2421FB-P and somehow i can't unlock the door from the vth but i can unlock it with my phone with easyviewer pro. Any solutions? in the unlock logs i get the card unlock fail.
  2. Y

    Add IPC to VTH5241DW intercom monitor

    I have a nvr4204-p-4ks2 with 2 IP camera's and the door intercom system VTH5241DW monitor + VTO3211D-P outdoor station. I would like to be able to see the 2 IPC on my VTH5241DW. I have tried to add these using following settings: IP (=IP NVR) User: admin Password: **** Port...
  3. I

    Dahua IP intercom: VTO3211D-P2 (new P & P4 ) door station - experience, review, firmware support?

    Hi there, I am currently looking into VTO3211D-P2 as the IP intercom for a two unit home. (Note: Newer generation: Recommended Replacement: VTO3211D-P-S2/P2-S2/P4-S2 but on the first look not much different really) It is a compact intercom / door station for two units - runing over IP (or to...