1. Leonardo Silva

    Hello Friends!

    I´m new here and i am passionate for creating timelapses using IP Cameras. My website is LSTIMELAPSES If you need help with timelapse creation. Count with me! Leonardo Silva
  2. A

    Dahua camera scheduled periodic snapshots to FTP for making a timelapse

    Hello! Second post for one day :) But, please, don't take this as SPAM, I intentionally create a second thread for this problem, because it's not related to the first one. Earlier today, I asked here about setting up an FTP server, because I've had some problems with the password. Problem...
  3. Laurentiu Bosca

    IPcam to NAS photo storage

    I've got this issue with my Hikvision DS-2CD6365G0-IS that is connected (NFS) to a DS218j NAS where I cannot find the snapshots that are scheduled at a 5 minute interval. I can see them on the webapp of the camera but not on the NAS. On the NAS folder I can only find the videos that the camera...
  4. sfnetwork

    Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI-I2 - Picture captures

    My Hik DS-7616NI-I2 NVR is on latest firmware (4.1.50) I try using the picture capture on timer to be able to do time lapses. It works perfectly, it creates the pictures at 1080 and I'm able to do nice time lapses (using Power Director) BUT.... it seems to stop after 4000 pictures, some kind of...
  5. D

    Hikvision JPG Snapshot to SD card?

    Hi, I have these 2 models: - 2CD2135FWD-IS - 2CD2132F-I Is it possible to have (one of) these camera's do a JPG snapshot to the SD card? (every 10 seconds for example) Thank you! DJ
  6. C

    Setting up Blueiris Timelapse

    I have a cam in a hydroponics grow tent, and want BlueIris to build a timelapse video of my pepper plants growing To do this I have set BI to record 'Continuous', with a "Alt/Timelapse framerate' of 1800000000 [30.00 min]" Ive then set 'Combine or cut video each' '24 hours' I was hoping this...
  7. artworksmetal

    Can't get timelapse to work

    I was expecting that a framerate of say 1 or 2 fps would give me a choppy look like Laurel and Hardy, and a small file size. I would think that a framerate of every 1 or 2 minutes would give me a nice transition of clouds or shadows and an even smaller file size. But no matter what I select in...
  8. K

    timelapse between triggers

    Does anyone know of a way to have BI record a continuous time lapse clip until the camera is triggered and then switch to normal speed? Since the object and motion tracking sometimes doesn't trigger unless I set it so high that I get lots of false triggers, I would rather reduce the trigger...
  9. wakk3r

    IP Camera best snapshot quality

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cam PoE with the best image quality (I don't need video, etc..) I have tried Foscam FI9900P 2MP (65% happy :() Now I have taken Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I 4MP with lens 6mm (50% happy :(:( more chromatic aberration and lens distortion) Is There a webcam with a quality...
  10. R

    Multiple Profiles issues

    I am trying to set up multiple profiles to be as follows: Profile 1 - Motion detection Profile 2 - Constant record Profile 3 - Constant record with Alternative framerate (AKA Time Lapse) It would be nice to be able to have complete different options for each profile , as it seems now the...