remote viewing

  1. M

    Hello! Need some help with NVR to NVR connection

    Hello! I am new to this forum and need some help. I have set up two NVRs in different physical locations to each other but on the same network to allow for old coax cameras to still be used (without needing to run new cables - long story). Now one NVR has 8 coax cameras and 1 IP camera the other...
  2. S

    Questions on Blue Iris functionality and remote connection

    Hello, long time lurker here, have read many, many posts and finally have the budget means and time to slowly set up a proof of concept system. I have tried searching for the particular questions but am having a hard time finding conclusive answers. Current situation: I will be buying a single...
  3. CCTVCam

    Computer monitor vs tv + remote viewing

    Someone else just asked this but it's lost buried in another thread and as I also need some answers here, I thought I'd re-ask. 1. Are there any reasons for using a monitor over a tv? 2. Does it affect the choice or make one choice more viable if you're leaving it turned off unless you get an...
  4. V

    After every reboot network settings are restoring.

    Hi everyone, I own hikivision DS-7B08HUHI-K1 DVR. I have turned on live view for mobile app to remote monitering of cameras. But after every reboot or power failure the networks settings are gone and interrupting my remote view. Remaining all settings like admin password, use password, other...
  5. C

    BI Remote Viewing and Pi-hole

    I've been running BI for about 6 months now and am loving it. Have everything configured the way I want and it is performing great. I have the iOS app so I can login and view remote and I would also view my cameras through a browser when I was on my work desktop. I have recently installed...
  6. nick.s

    Guest View of a Single Camera

    I'm trying to stretch my mileage out of bI to fit a request of my boss. He would like to find a solution to allow a guest viewer to see a camera in our pre-press department for proofing needs without having to install a custom camera driver on the visitor's computer. The future camera will be...
  7. J

    Second monitor remote from server on same network?

    I have Blue Iris running 9 cameras visible from the church office. I would like to have a second monitor on a second system in the Sound System Sanctuary loft that would project the same 9 cameras on it's own screen. So now I have 2 locations to monitor traffic and outside activity...
  8. 9

    Remote View not working

    Hello so i have bought a Hikvison DS-7208HWI-SH/A and i want to use remote view but i cant get it to work i opened my ports, etc. but in the hikvison ivms4500 app it says connection failed. Is there anything i can do to get it to work?
  9. H

    Unable to view cameras remotely on Android Phone

    Hello Everyone, Recently I have installed two Hikvision Cameras in an office. I did all the setup and now I am able to view them remotely using a static IP through a web browser, but I cannot view the cameras on android phone using any app. I have tried all the apps & also tried...
  10. Mike K

    TeamViewer Setup?

    OK I couldn't figure out where to post this so I hope someone will find it with some help. I have managed to download the TeamViewer SW on two of my laptops. One stays on my desk all the time and I use it like a desk top. I'm able to use the TeamViewer to control the desktop PC (Laptop) with...
  11. R

    Hikvision DS-2CD3332- no static ip from isp

    Hi, I am really frustrated with my new ISP (Grande Comm) I am no longer able to assign an external static IP to my camera for remote viewing. I can ONLY if I upgrade to an over-inflated $$$ business account and that seems like what's up with other Isps as well. I was wondering if there is...
  12. S

    Remote Viewing With EZViz: What Should We Expect?

    We have just had 5 HikVision DS-2CD2042WD-I 4Mp cameras and a DS-7608NI-E2/8P NVR installed. Initially, viewing the output from the cameras on iVMS was very disappointing because, as I understand it, we were only seeing the substream which was something like 630 x 360 so the supplier returned...