1. ermac

    New version of SmartPSS for MacOS released

    Hi, I see Dahua have released a new update of SmartPSS for MacOS Catalina dated 14 April 2020. Has anyone updated and tried this version yet? Is it stable? The December release was not and was very resource heavy. The new release is available here...
  2. G

    Smart PSS & Offline device

    Hi everyone, I have installed 8 ip camera in a client store, with a NVR, and Smart PSS on his personnal computer. When I start the application and load the camera there is no problem but after several times (I can't be more precise), it shows "Device offline" without any reason (no manipulation...
  3. code2

    Blue Iris or PSS with Hikvision

    AS the title states which one would you recommend and why
  4. S

    Hikvision and SmartPSS

    Hello Can anybody please help me. Purchased a Hikvision DS-2CD2012-I. The camera works with IVMS-4200 which it came with. Problem is this camera adds to another 33 cameras which is a Casey DVR system, running on PSS on Windows. One of the other cameras is a IP camera and works with PSS...