poe questions

  1. S

    Installing Dahua IPCHDW1239T1 camera to EZVIZ NVR (CS-X4-108P)

    Hi, I've an EZVIZ NVR (CS-X4-108P) which is POE only NVR with 8 channels. I've purchased a kit in 2019 which came with 4 cameras. Everything works well till now. But when I'm trying to connect Dahua camera to this NVR, it's not showing up in the monitor or mobile app. I've tried several...
  2. S

    PoE Confusion

    I've Googled for hours and I'm still not clear on PoE voltages. I understand the current draw and VD over distance but can't figure out how what voltage is safe to use. I'm installing 4 bullet cams using CAT5e copper and maybe a PTZ at a later date. The longest run may be 75Ft. The cam specs...
  3. I

    Recommendations of a POE switch(4+ port) for home use

    Hi guys, as IP seems the standard to go and POE becomes a neat way to power the devices up, I wonder what POE switch for a home scenario you can recommend? Requirements: 4+ POE ports (at least 802.3af support?) - better 8 What standards should be supported? Are 15W output per port enough...
  4. BarkityBark

    Dahua PoE Camera "Power Supply | 12v, PoE (802.3af)"???

    I thought all PoE was 48V. Why do the cameras I just purchased (see URL below) list the power supply in the specs as 12V? Can I not use an injector or switch listed as 48V PoE 802.3af for these cameras? Aliexpress.com : Buy DAHUA 3MP Network IR Bullet Camera 1080P IPC HFW1320S new model replace...
  5. V

    DIY POE Power

    Hi i'm vahid new here and new here last week i was installing cams in a local school with hikvision 2132 3MPixel cameras.i used cat6 copper wires but i think cat5 wires could be the best choice to save bucks. because cams use 10/100 NIC and i think there is enough bandwidth with Cat5E .but i...
  6. C

    Power over Ethernet to POE injector?

    Hey Guys, This may be a stupid question, but is it possible to run Power over ethernet to a POE injector? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOSMT8U/ something like this to this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001PS9E5I/