network unreachable

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    Hikvision NVR "network unreachable error".

    Model #- DS-7108NI-Q1/M Version- 4.71.007 Build- 220705 I was facing issues with hik-connect app. So I reset the NVR to factory defaults and now I my IP cameras are not visible on my display. They're visible in the online device list but as soon as I add them the green ticks turn to red giving...
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    Hikvision IP Camera offline sporatically

    All of my cameras are working, except one. It was working for about a day however it has now cut out and now no matter what I do it won't kick back on. It goes from not blinking at all to every 7 seconds to always on and blinking every 5 or so seconds (like in video). Hikvision Hardware NVR -...
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    Network unreachable

    On Friday I was not longer able to connect to our camera. I receive message of 'network unreachable' whilst logged into the configuration settings. Nothing shows up on SADP (sorry for my lack of helpful description as I didn't take part in the initial set up of the system). I Have checked all...