1. S

    camera wall mount adapter for grooved walls?

    Does anyone have any experience mounting cameras onto irregular grooved walls like this? Is there any specific wall mount I can buy? If I install turret or dome wall mounts it won't be flush but a bullet cam mount is pretty small and it can fit right in the middle BUT turrets/dome are what I want.
  2. L

    Ideas for Hikvision mini-bullet camera extension/mount

    I installed a mini bullet camera on the sidewall of the house and tried adjusting it but can't seem to get a clear shot of the alley because camera base is too small and camera sits close to the wall. Any ideas/products on how to move the camera away from the wall a bit? It'll be nice if the...
  3. P

    Turret mount runs out of vertical travel

    Hi everyone, I have a starlight in turret form which I wish to mount on my garage facing up the driveway, mounting under eaves. When mounting turret I run out of adjustment to be able to point the turret up enough so I miss seeing taller people's heads unless they come quite close to the...
  4. Jimerb

    360 Degree Pan Mounting Option

    This camera that I just ordered has a 360 degree pan. I'm going to mount it to my house but that will cut off 180 degrees of the pan capability. Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can get this elevated (maybe on my roof) to get more of a 360 view? Any good accessories for something...
  5. TonyR

    Bullet Camera Mounting Box

    Bullet Camera Mounting Box Image 1: The pigtails on bullet cams are usually flexible thermoplastic, not meant for the outdoors and cannot stand up to the elements. On IP bullet cams, the furnished weatherproof boot for the RJ-45 is so bulky you'd have to drill a 1" hole for it to pass through...
  6. C

    Help with mount with outdoor camera on corner mount

    Hi all! Hoping someone can give me some tips on installing an outdoor camera with a corner mount. I was planning on using a corner mount so I can cover the front and side of the house and was planning putting the mount high enough where it was out of reach and then run conduit down the side of...
  7. Dilbertic

    IR Reflection and focus side of house location

    Hi All, I had 8 cameras installed, the installer mounted one of the Hikvision 2032 bullet cameras on the side of the house pointed at my gate ( about 12' up ). I am having a few issues with it now; - The camera seems to be focused ( clear ) on the side of my house - At night the IR is lighting...
  8. vector18

    Hikvision wall mount bracket

    I just installed this bracket for my company. As you know I install Dahua on my own, but I really liked the feel and quality of this bracket so I wanted to share. It's mounted on a wall on a building in NYC. We were told to just run the wire under an awning and just expose it alittle bit to the...
  9. J

    Wall Mount in a 6" hole from prior camera.

    I am frustrated with my Geovision cameras and am looking at replacing them with HIKVision. The issue I face is that many of my existing cameras are mounted partially recessed. The hole size for the Geovision is 6" / 154.2mm. I would like to mount the HIKVision in the same holes. I only see one...
  10. S

    CCTV Camera Tamper Proof Mounting Screws

    Hi, I am trying to find Tamper Proof Screws and Nuts to mount bullet cameras (such as Pin in Torx, Pin in Hex, etc.) where can I buy theses in small quantities? Thanks Supie
  11. Overcon

    Need Mounting Help Suggestions

    I am getting ready to mount my cameras to the outside of my house and I was hoping for some ideas on how to accomplish this. Here is the scenario on what I am mounting to and what I would like to accomplish. A little bit of history on the house. I live in the desert, gets really hot here. In...
  12. RyanODan

    Hikvision 3MP Cube in my living room

    Installed this in my living room to replace the 1.3MP Hik Cube I had sitting under the monitor. I currently have it hooked up Wifi and will have a demo/promo video here shortly.