dual nic

  1. J

    Cannot access my switch on a second nic

    Here is my setup: ISP provided modem/switch (In bridge mode) ------> Asus Router ----> Desktop PC (with two nics) -----> Cisco Switch I have IP Cameras attached to the switch, and I do not want the cameras to have internet access (Chinese Cameras) I am 100% sure that everything is on the same...
  2. S

    Wireless Monitor

    I am trying to setup a camera monitor in my house and the location of the monitor would make it difficult to hard wire so I am looking at wireless options. I like the idea of using a tv with a fire tv box to access ui3 using the silk browser. I have a dual nic setup. I am really new to...
  3. J

    Dual NIC Set-up issues

    Hi- First, I'm very grateful for all the great guidance here. Invaluable, particularly for a non-expert like myself. On to my problem. I was able to create a new BI set-up with dual NICs and to add a Dahua camera using the IP config tool. I assigned the camera a unique IP address and was...
  4. TL1096r

    Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine

    In making your system more secure this is a great option to eliminate your cameras calling home / connecting to the internet This is a great place to start to setup a bit more secure network and learn more about IP/Subnets etc. before adding dual NICs: Router Security - Subnets and IP addresses...
  5. J

    2 networks on 1 computer

    Hello all, I know this has been discussed a few times for a few scenarios but not quite the same as mine. My XP computer running BI just died...probably a good thing. Trying to set up a Win10 in a similar way but not having any luck. I have 2 IP-Cams connected to a hub with Cat5. On the XP...