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  1. W

    Where to buy more black rubber plugs for G3/4" openings of Dahua mount PFA130-E?

    Title. I know the Dahua PFA130-E mount comes with one of these black rubber plugs where the camera mounts flush to the base of this mount. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can buy more of them or somehow get 3D prints of it?
  2. T

    Camera Surface Block

    Hey all, I couldn't find a surface block that I really liked so I made my own. I made it high enough to hold any cords and made it pretty thick so it doesn't warp any. So if you have a 3d printer and looking for a decent mount for a camera check this out. Surface Block for Outdoor Cameras...
  3. TonyR

    Bullet Camera Mounting Box

    Bullet Camera Mounting Box Image 1: The pigtails on bullet cams are usually flexible thermoplastic, not meant for the outdoors and cannot stand up to the elements. On IP bullet cams, the furnished weatherproof boot for the RJ-45 is so bulky you'd have to drill a 1" hole for it to pass through...
  4. PatPend

    3D Printed Junction Box

    Hey all, I posted a 3D printable junction box for dome cameras. It's parameterized so you can customize to any diameter, height, number of screws you need. Uses about $2 of filament to print. Dome Camera Junction Box by rssalerno