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    POE splitter- Recommend some debug tools/methods for me

    Thanks. I have seen them listed as POE splitter/combiners. They look more to me like POE aggregators. The parts simply take pins 1,2,3 and 6 on two POE RJ-45s and bond them on the 8 individual wires- then demux them. Nothing complicated. I buzzed them out and it seems that what is...
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    POE splitter- Recommend some debug tools/methods for me

    I have a cat 5e wire that runs to a generator about 50 feet from my house. It was a spare from when they installed the generator. I put a keystone on it and pulled it into my POE switch and got a Dahua camera operating on it just fine. Previously, I had a POE powered ethernet switch out there...
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    Export multi day

    Hey, I have been reading the wiki and the instructions: but I seem to be stuck on something which I though was simple. I live on a fairly sleepy road and apparently a car got broken into within the past two days. I am trying to take one of my cameras and just drop all of the alerts from those...
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    What's your Blue Iris Setup like? (List Specifications)

    I installed Windows natively on that machine with a raid. I am probably going to leave it as is. I don't even recall the issues I had. I think Windows wasn't booting when I turned on the pass through. I have successfully passed through loads of hardware in the past, but this alluded me to...
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    What's your Blue Iris Setup like? (List Specifications)

    It was an E3 (I think 1245 with the embedded Intel GPU) and it was ESXi 6.7.
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    What's your Blue Iris Setup like? (List Specifications)

    I used to run it in a VM running on a XEON. I tried loads of times to pass through the Intel graphics through (this Xeon version has it) and it doesn't work. I ended up essentially building a similar machine and running Windows natively. I like the Xeons as they have ECC memory and I use a...
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    Any limits on the api?

    Interesting-- I am looking at using the open ALPR on GITHUB that has not been maintained-- this might be a good double check to see if the plate is valid...
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    I tried shutting off the camera name overlays on these camera-- and applying and saving that change doesn't seem to work. Can anyone else confirm this? Maybe I just need to update the firmware. It is working otherwise so i don't want to mess with it if I don't have to.
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    Eight Is Enough

    I believe they eat loads of ticks...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    I think the point is they are free to regulate the speech on their platform, but then they are liable for the speech on there.
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    Geofence on multiple locations

    Has anyone set up Blue Iris to have more than one geofence location? With IP Cameras, the camera could be very far apart, and possibly I'd like to have my wife and my offices in there to set up profiling...
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    Recommendation for camera-- 100 feet away or so

    Looking for a camera recommendation to mount on my generator in order to see my kids playground... about 100 feet away. Something that can focus variable at that distance you be great. PTZ would be a plus-- but not a requirement. I have one of these...
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    Home Renovation Delayed a Year (!), Are My Camera Choices Still Relavant?

    Having the wires installed is the important part. The camera are pretty cheap...
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    Blue Iris in VMWare ESXi 6.7 with passthrough of Intel integrated graphics

    So I tried the C226 motherboard and tried to do the pass through. For some reason, ESXi wouldn't boot windows with the bypass--- ended up just putting Windows 10 Pro on the machine. Am running it unregistered-- it is headless so I am not even sure if it matters.
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    "Error Importing Registry Key 5"

    I am seeing this when moving from windows 8.1 VM to windows 10. BI5