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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    So this also means Brennan knew it was all bogus but kept right on pushing it as true, even in front of Congressional Committees. Sounds kind of like perjury to me.
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    2022 New Product Plan and Chinese New Year Plan

    Wish I had a spot to use something like that :oops:
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    Missing screws for IPC-T5442

    How'd that happen?
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    I Am Most Techs Biggest PITAs

    :welcome: To start out read the Wiki in the blue bar at the top of the page. That covers almost every aspect of surveillance cameras. The general recommendation is to start with on varifocal camera and set it up in a test rig to check out every spot you plan on putting a camera. Test day...
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    BI Doesn't Trigger On This Motion?

    ^^^ Ah, another "Stranger in a Strange Land".
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    Reaction to Shingles vaccine

    I had shingles twice and got the shots. In terms of reactions the only thing I had/have is residual pain in the arm from where the riveter gave me the shot, he sure wasn't a technician, nurse, pharmacist or physician. I think he actually hit the bone in my upper arm. Neither bout of shingles...
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    Best way to configure a graphics card (Quadro P400 v2)

    The bottom line is still that HA does not "buy" anything significant in terms of significant CPU utilization savings and may, actually increase CPU utilization. I would leave the both visible in Windows so DS know they are there. Nothing lost there by doing so.
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    Best way to configure a graphics card (Quadro P400 v2)

    Shut off hardware decode in BI. If anything, especially with sub streams and a modern processor which you have, it introduces more overhead to the CPU rather than saving load on the CPU. I'd leave video on the Intel processor and just use the NVidia for DeepStack. Remember you need to shut...
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    BI Doesn't Trigger On This Motion?

    Not only does Reolink play games with the iframe and frame rate, they also play with the bit rate. That makes it very difficult to achieve anything close to consistent motion detection with them.
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    Nvidia video card..

    So what card was that for the screen cap, K620 or P1000?
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    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    And it only seems to get wore and worse -
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    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    Just to let everyone in the midwest and west know what's coming this summer. Get you're generators ready...
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    2nd Amendment thread

    More "good" news. Figures Spartacus would be involved along with Menendez -...
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    Bullet versus turret camera

    Connectivity is the same in both, assuming they're PoE wired, and is excellent. The major difference is when you need focal lengths greater than 12mm. Then you need a bullet because a lens that big won't fit into a turret.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    The classic definition: A Liberal is just a Conservative that hasn't been mugged yet.