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    Camera Captures

    oh thank you. I fixed it. :thumb:
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    Camera Captures

    I know the forum has some members that like to watch nature and it's habitants! Happened to be logged into my BI from work when I saw this bird, Falcon I assume? Noticed he had caught his prey, so played the clip and saw my cameras had captured his hunt. Pretty neat. Both cameras are Dahua...
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    EmpireTech - Thank You

    It's my first Dahua camera and I really like it. I'm still learning some of the features of it, but for now I have it running just the default specs. I wanted it to capture my front yard and be able to use the PTZ feature. Day - SD1A203T-GN 2MP by sc6pt0 posted Apr 23, 2019 at 9:25 PM Night...
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    Anybody here using the Amcrest 9-port POE+ switch?

    I'm actually running this switch at the moment, have had it for a year now. Haven't had an issue with it at all. It survived the first 100+ degree summer in SoCal. Not sure how you plan on mounting it or if it will just sit on something. But I wanted to mount it and for that I had to use a...
  5. Day - SD1A203T-GN 2MP

    Day - SD1A203T-GN 2MP

  6. Night - SD1A203T-GN 2MP

    Night - SD1A203T-GN 2MP

  7. Amcrest


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    Blue Iris UI3

    Awesome, thank you for that. I misunderstood the setup and made all my changes on the camera however I never looked at the actual BI user account within BI. After checking on that, I did have PTZ disabled. Everything was good after that. Thank you!
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    Blue Iris UI3

    I got my first PTZ (Dahua SD1A203T-GN) camera and set it up on BI, everything seems to work fine in my BI server, however when I try to view my cameras using UI3. I do not get the PTZ controls, has anyone else had this issue? Things I've done to start troubleshooting. * Ensured BI User has...
  10. PTZ Loading

    PTZ Loading

  11. PTZ Settings in UI3

    PTZ Settings in UI3

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    EmpireTech - Thank You

    Just wanted to thank Andy for the great customer service and quick response to my order. Got in contact with him last Thursday and ordered my SD1A203T-GN and mounting hardware. Got everything at my home on Monday. I tested the camera and was able to configure to my BI server with no issues...
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    Mail Thief

    Yup thank you to everyone that helped with identifying the plate and contributing to thread. Glad to see people come together an help. :)
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    Mail Thief

    Just another update been on vacation so haven't been able to visit the forum, but I got a call from the detective assigned to my case a couple days ago. The scum bag is in custody, :headbang: he had some of our mail at the time of arrest, they didn't give me any other information. So not sure...
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    Mail Thief

    Just an update for those interested, it looks like this scumbag did indeed try to get some credit cards using one of my renters info, that live in the rear house. He attempted to forward their mail to a different address, but luckily due to me holding our mail at USPS and informed delivery we...