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    Need help with my computer and blue iris

    I recently purchased a Dell computer, Netgear unmanaged switch and a Dahua turret 5mp ip camera to start. I’ve spent countless hours reading on the forum going thru wiki and watching YouTube videos try to get one camera going. It has been three days now and I’ve got nothing up and running. The...
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    I must not be understanding something

    I’ve moved on from the Laview nvr and now have a Dell Inspiron i5-10400 and a netgear GS324PP unmanaged switch. the cameras are LV-BPK80804C 4k. The cameras are plugged into the switch from their to the router back to the computer. Hopefully that helps
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    I must not be understanding something

    Our current LaView system stopped recording back in November. I’ve made several attempts to get help from LaView but the emails always seem to be missing steps to correct the problem. I recently picked up a Dell computer on sale. I’ve added blue iris and have been trying to add the cameras to...
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    What do I need to hide these cat6 holes outside the house? Is it called a junction box?

    I used 1/2” emt boxes with cat6 cable. We are going to run at least three cameras out of this box with no problems.
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    New Ring Alarm System 199

    Just to let everyone know Costco has the Ring Alarm item # 1261588 on sale until Monday December 24th. Regular price $239.99 Instant savings $25.00 Total. $ 214.99 Limit-2
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    Hello from the Inland Empire

    Sorry for the late response. Thank you both for the help. We’re going to drill down the wall and try and fish all sixteen wires..
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    Hello from the Inland Empire

    Yes once you spray, it expands and drys in about two minutes filling the space between the studs. And we’re installing sixteen cameras so the hole would have to be pretty large.
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    Hello from the Inland Empire

    After spending countless hours reading,trying to absorb all the information,take notes I finally decided on a camera system. The install will take a while and I have already incountered a problem. The house was built in the early fifties, so we decided to rewire and spray foam the walls not...
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    BlackVue DR900S-2CH

    We recently had two DR-900 installed in our two Lexus GXs. They were professionally installed with the battery backup, model B-112. Total price for both cars $1400.00 We also had the DR-750ir installed in a Toyota 4Runner that our kid drives. It great for watching what they are doing when behind...
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    Hi, I’m looking for a 4k system with at least 8 cameras, possibly up to 12. The budget is $2000...

    Hi, I’m looking for a 4k system with at least 8 cameras, possibly up to 12. The budget is $2000 . The cat5 cable has to reach 280 ft. Thanks