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    Newbie took on a project harder than it seems

    Welcome. I'd start by reading this guide.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    I'm using Ted's carefully chosen words as facts. Is that not good enough for you? Cruz addressed the trip in a statement on Thursday afternoon. "With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends," he said. "Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Which part of "using his daughters as scapegoat when confronted" didn't you understand? You seriously want a man who threw his own daughters under the bus to represent your party?
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Are you personally willing to cut off your Chinese goods connections? Your cameras, your router, your smartphones, chips in your car, your computer, your NVR, and more are all made in China. China has the tech-drug and US consumers love the drug and will sell their soul for it.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Don't make excuse for him. Ted Cruz has been a Senator since 2013, he and his wife should know damn well that a Senator is a public servant. If he or his wife still doesn't understand by now, they can choose not to be a public servant. I don't know about you, but if the company I work for is in...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    You know, if Ted Cruz's wife/children/friends/whatever went to Cancun, I couldn't care less. Ted Cruz himself should have stay in Texas, at least until the power issue is resolved. But he didn't until backlash, that shows you his true character.
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    Snow in Houston

    Once a century storm comes by Texas and everybody is surprised by all the havoc. Answer is simple, Texas hasn't winter-proof its power grind infrastructure because it hasn't been this cold since early 1900's...
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    EZVIZ DB1, just LEDs around camera, button does not light up.

    Maybe in Ireland? I got a 16vac 40va for $15 USD on eBay.
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Probably not much help to you, I use an Arduino nano with current sensor to monitor the current going to my door bell. I programmed the Arduino so as it sees the current draw increased due to the button being pressed, the Arduino would drive a 30 amp relay to activate my digital door bell which...
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    Good router for security?

    You need to setup firewall/website block/ports blocking/etc on whatever router you have.
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    T568a &b help!! Save yourself some trouble and get a tester.
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    Water on rj45 blown

    Cut the end off and crimp on another end.
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    LaView LV-N9508Q8E is HIK ??

    Hey, did you have chance to try?
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    Police Takedown

    I'm more interested in the story of this tire.