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    Someone hits my mailbox, again

    You have to be careful on what you place in the Public R/W. That is not your property. I have heard homeowners getting sued for placing large rocks or obstacles in R/W and someone crashes into it. Just sayin.
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    Don’t see this everyday

    One more reason to not leave the house unless locked and loaded.
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    Camera Captures

    Need to change your Youtube video permissions to public.
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    Paranoid much?

    He is watching you. Your on his list now! Good video.
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    Anybody using cams that record audio?

    I agree with everyone. All cameras record audio, except the PTZ, which has external audio ports. I don't know the laws about this in my area, and really don't give a crap.
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    5442 picture quality issue

    Good position on your cam. May want to try some of this camo stuff...
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    A few pics of latest installation at Ghetto apartment complex

    Don't forget to post in the "Camera Capture" section. Ghetto shots are always the best.
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    VPN users -- How do you get Images with your Alerts?

    I set up 2 alerts, the BI Push notification and SMS/MMS with alert pic attached. That way I have redundancy in case of 1 failure. I always look at the SMS/MMS pic. I find my SMS message lags the BI push notification by 1 or 2 seconds. I set up different alert tones for each camera with the...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Gee, that's too bad. I wonder how many times in the past this has happened and NEVER reported. Your fucked on Fakebook. Sukerberg started this company by screwing his friends that help start it.
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    Father and Son Shootout Captured On Home Security Camera

    Looks like they are just practicing for the next BLM riot.
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    Another bird house thread

    Here is the first unsuspecting target (Bunny). I forgot to add that I am using Brian's (@bp2008) Sunrise/Sunset utility to change the Day/Night mode, since the photodetector on the camera is covered by the wood.
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    Another bird house thread

    I was wondering the same thing. I guess I will find out, they will be on video.
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    Another bird house thread

    I was in need of a close up front door cam, mounted low for facial recognition. I had a spare Dahua 5231RP-Z turret lying around and bought an Amazon cedar bird house. The bird hole opening was the exact size of the camera lens, so I just had to drill our the IR LED holes and a small mic...
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    Dahua are Part Owned by the Chinese Government, Did You Know?

    Yea, best to isolate ALL IP cams from the internet. Dahua ~10% owned by PRC, but Hikvision is ~42% owned PRC. Who knows if that makes any difference, but I use Dahua. Another reason China will win the IoT war, when it happens.
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    If it is on Fakebook, it must be real.