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    From time to time I have tried to export a large BI video to MPEG-4. Is there some kind of a limit to the length of time or the size of the video that can be exported? It always seems to stop exporting before the full video export has been completed.
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    Where did you see that?
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    Has anyone seen any current deals on new or refurbished desktops to host 15 ip cams with Blue Iris? Probably an i5 or i7?
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    Weather Station Camera

    If you were going to choose a Hikvision POE Cam for an outdoor weather station in Southern California, which one would you choose?
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    Windows automatic update

    I did some teaching of the treads before I posted but apparently I did not work hard enough to track it down. I would love to do as you suggest and I suspect there is a way to disable the windows log in requirement that is now required after a restart. I will look into that as well.
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    Windows automatic update

    I purchased a Lenovo desktop running windows 10 so I can run Blue Iris with about 18 cameras. It all works great! I can't believe how hard it is to stop the darn machine from doing an automatic restart after a Windows 10 update, thus shutting down BI. I have done a lot of research and there...
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    Windows Clean Install

    I need to do a clean install of Windows on my BI i7 machine. What do I need to do to preserve all of my BI cam settings (15), clips, saved clips, users, etc, etc?
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    Trigger count

    Is there an easy way to know how many time a given profile is motion triggered during a particular period of time, a day for instance?
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    BlueIris Mobile

    I figured it out. It was because I did not have webserver>advanced>authentication set for ALL CONNECTIONS. Once set for ALL, only the designated camera group was available to the new user.
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    BlueIris Mobile

    I have set up a new user who is going to have access to one of my camera groups. When this user logs in using her ID and PW on chrome on her desk top, she has access to only the group of cameras that I have assigned. I installed BI mobile on her iPhone. When she logs in using her same ID and...
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    BI Remote Security

    Were would I find the log? I suspect because BI creates an anonymous user with no password on its own even after I delete them. Twice while sitting at my computer I heard the audible login sound. I will look into your #2 above. This may a vulnerability. #3: I disabled NAT Port Mapping...
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    BI Remote Security

    I have had a BI web server set up for several years and opened up port 100 on my Airport Extreme router for this purpose. I suspect this open port has become a problem as I have suspisicions that some one is remotely accessing my computer. Are there a couple SIMPLE things that I can do to be...
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    Port 81

    When setting up a BI web server the BI documentation recommends using port 81. Why is port 81 any better than any other port?
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    Amazon Echo commands

    Is there a way to send BI motion triggered alerts to an Echo?
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    Outdoor PTZ

    Whats the entry level for a reasonable out door PTZ? I will I could stay around $200 but I don't know if thats possible.