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    What are the reasons as to why certain browsers mostly work while some do not on Dahua GUI?

    I find it quite laughable that for security cameras, you are being forced to use a non supported, outdated browser. With Windows 11 it is not even there anymore. Note that MS Edge is the same backend as Chrome these days (Chromium) so you are likely to encounter the same issues as on Chrome...
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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    I too would like to know about the above question, can I use my own labels / a own trained model with this? Sorry I have not heared about BI until today.
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    HFW3441T-ZS alternative / upgrade advise

    Hello all, Currently we use HFW3441T cameras. They work fine for our use case, however there is room for improvement in particular the low light performance. Without IR and software tricks, the low light performance is not stellar. However, that is to no surprise because of the tiny sensor the...