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    Fox kits meet the world

    Look like the loner kit found something under the rock, bug or lizard?
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    SmartPSS Mac M1

    So Apple's Rossetta 2 x86 emulator doesn't work for smartpss? Have you tried Code Weavers Crossover (I assume it will use a windows version of smartpss)?
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    Viewing DVR on Roku?

    There are a couple Roku apps that can be used for displaying cameras, IP Cam Viewer, CamDiggity for example, however not sure if you can access your specific DVR cams. With Blue Iris software, we are able to view the cameras via IP Cam Viewer, see the following thread. Note there is a free...
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    Natural Gas Generators

    So you guys have power transfer system right under your meter? Standard equipment installed by FP&L?
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    From what I've read, Johnson & Johnson started testing when the new covid variants (Africa, Brazil) came out (vs the two others) and it was less effective in prevention, but prevents hospitalization, according to their trials. The J&J vaccine recently showed up at universities and some drug...
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    Wildlife capture with curious car passing by

    Looks like two hens, a jake and a tom. A friend of mine use to hunt Turkeys in update NY, I didn't have the patience of getting up 3-4am to go to a blind and sit around, try to call them in.
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    Can a old router be used as a repeater/range extender

    Whether a router can be used as a repeater, extender or access point depends on the router. What is the router make and model? Check the user manual is the best way to find out. No, WiFi cameras normally don't have the ability to act as a repeater.
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    Help Configuring Cisco switch

    Try username/password cisco/cisco
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    Help Configuring Cisco switch

    I assume you are using a managed Cisco switch, can you get to your switch web page? If the switch is used, you may need delete any leftover VLANs, could be the port that you plugged your computer in is on a different VLAN than the one you used for the cam.
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    USB-c female to USB-a 3.0 female adapter - does this thing exist?

    Oops grabbed wrong link...
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    USB-c female to USB-a 3.0 female adapter - does this thing exist?

    Get the first one, then get a USB-A to USB-A gender changer, maybe something like this:
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    Customize Imou Turret ?

    Curious. What does LightDuration=0 do? If FilckerTimes=0, will it still turn on with FilckerIntevalTime=1000? Thx.
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    Basic Weather Overly (Alternitive-ish)

    You mentioned Get-Weather.ps1, but didn't provide it...I see a few on github doing something similar. I use dark skys on home assistant, but it can be off by 5 degrees sometimes (Weather), need to check out openweathermap, thanks!
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    IP Cam especially for Conference Streaming?

    My company went with Cisco TelePresence precision cameras, they too will move to the person talking, works fairly well with WebEx... Ediit: Looks like they can be manually controlled (pan, zoom, etc) too...