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    What Are The chances Of This Happening ?

    HaHa I doubt it, she has better things to do like her phone glued to her face.
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    What Are The chances Of This Happening ?

    So I had to meet a friend, she was dropping off a laptop for me to work on, we decided to meet at a Fast food place but as she would be visiting her mom and she ended up late on the way back, I had mY 12 yr old daughter with me and got DADDD Im Hungry.. Ok So we stop off at a dunkin Doughnuts...
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    Why did Geico shut down all of their offices in California, all on the same day? What do they know that we don't know, yet?

    WOW, They see the writing on the wall, Who would want to sell Insurance now in that state, I have a feeling that there will be a BIG wagon train moving east and south, kinda like a reverse gold rush. Can't blame them wanting to move to business friendly states and or safer neighborhoods. I was...
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    My Pond Cam

    Very Nice setup, My neighbor has something similar, her fish keep getting eaten by some bird of prey or some other critters here, again very nice.
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    Las Vegas smoke shop owner stabs man multiple times during attempted robbery

    This is all a direct result of relaxed bail laws, criminal reform and of course, The free flow of drugs flowing across our southern borders..OH and did I mention all the de-fund the police crap also. These Videos go viral and the preps see them also, might make them think twice. All of that I...
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    Monkeypox…anyone else concerned?

    You will see a LOT of things Emerging with a unchecked southern border.
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    Neighbors out for justice!

    Do They make lead proof fences...WOW
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    Google and Amazon are giving camera access to LE, other agencies without a warrant or notification to camera owners. Is this a dangerous precedent?

    HaHa, This should come as surprise to Nobody, All the Big company's are doing it or doing it and NOT admitting it.
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    I’m going to arrest you?!?

    This is not so uncommon between Agency's, Where I live we have local, Sheriff's and State patrols and I know they are very territorial, The local guys (TOWN) cops do not like the State and County Guys paroling their areas.
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    New Game: Man Or Woman?

    Reminds me of the Good old day when you were not outed for your sense of humor, Anybody remember SNL series with "PAT"
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    She said they spent 2 days there, the outside run needed a guy wire to a utility pole, the cam was like 15' in the air, Not the greatest height to ID a face so I know these guys do NOT read this form :smash:
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    I went on a service call for IT stuff to a mom and pop store last year, I noticed they had a Dahua security kit installed, They have been IT customers for 10 years of mine, I looked the job over, seemed pretty neat, I had to ask, They were getting around $500 a drop with a 8 port POe NVR and...
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    POE CAT6 Tests OK Yet No Camera Connectivity

    Well, You could make that case by the sounds of things he is saying.
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    Video of 3 men lighting fireworks inside a fireworks warehouse

    If all that went up at once, Chances are they would have been blown to pieces also, I'm sure they were here legally.
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    POE CAT6 Tests OK Yet No Camera Connectivity

    Yea, Not sayin thats your issue but after reading this I thought I would throw it out there. And again, they were great and stable for months.