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    Joke Thread

    Those shit house rhymes were popular back 60 years ago when I was a kid. When I see that one it reminds me of another: You shit house poets, you sons of bitches. I stopped to read and shit my britches.
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    FYI - deal on 75' patch cable, good for testing - not in wall. 3/19/2021

    Thanks, I got the gray at 12.84 also. Been needing a spare as I use these frequently in testing cameras.
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    Dahua SD49225XA-HNR Auto Tracking Enabled Firmware.

    Thanks for sharing these files Sir.
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    Quadruple Coyotes in my back yard!

    I cant say that I have ever seen 4 together before but have seen 2 that could bark together and sound like a huge pack.
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    Do you remember when you were clueless about cctv and started with BI?

    I started using BI a couple years ago and it was mind boggling. The forums here were a godsend. I am happy to say now that my system with about 20 cameras is running flawless and requires no attention for maintenance. At this time I see no need to chase updates as the system does what I want it...
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    Best value PTZ? 2PM is fine

    That Loryta from Andy is fantastic. I had a hard time forking out the money but considering ordering another as a backup. My mailbox is 1 mile from the camera and I can see when the carrier runs. Not clear at all at that distance but still amazing to me.
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    Police chase in my neighborhood

    You have it covered nicely!
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    Male Collapses In The Street At 1AM

    To me he looks to be very drunk.
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    Can I make this work?I’ll have to work

    Good choice tubac!
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    Bought a SD1A404XB-GNR on Andy's BlackFriday deals and can't seem to power up

    Ya gotta configure on Note the "1"
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    Is Amazon Loryta Seller "e Secure" Andy?

    When I clicked the link it went to EmpireTech-Andy and I did not see eSecure. I just received the 2mp version this week and am tickled with it. The link to it is:
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    Blue Iris Camera Groups and PTZ Preset Triggers

    This has been a big help for me as only yesterday I received my PTZ toy from Andy, Loryta SD49225, and had not gotten to this point yet.
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    Red Stretch Limo

    Many limos look cool but I am not impressed with the Mercedes.
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    Is Blue Iris through IP cam talk legit?

    I discovered BI here on IPCAMTALK and bought it here. It is a legitimate license and your software downloads are made on the BI site.
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    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    Fantastic! Thanks for the details.