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    Nerd Question on Timing

    There is no convenient way to show the audio waveform with timestamps. Even if you could, the cameras are likely out of sync by so much that you would not be able to discern which direction the sound came from with any reliability.
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    Stuck IR filter this morning

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    Stuck IR filter this morning

    Had a surprise snowstorm last week. it was awful.
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    Stuck IR filter this morning

    I haven't seen this happen before. It is kind of weird having the IR filter stuck with only about 60% coverage. I simply had to log in to the camera and toggle it to B&W mode and back to Auto to fix this.
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    Unknown Icon on Camera screen in UI3

    From Blue Iris's help file:
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    Had you made sure the blueiris.exe process got restarted after turning off Intel decoding globally? It is not strictly necessary to restart Blue Iris -- that is just a quick way to make all the cameras individually restart which is what actually makes the new hardware acceleration choice take...
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    3841 or 5442?

    Early on there was a 2MP "ultra" series starlight camera from dahua with 2MP on 1/1.9". But it was substantially more expensive than regular 2MP starlight cams with the 1/2.8" sensor.
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    ZeroTier and Dual Nic

    You do not need two NICs to use Zerotier.
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    UI3 Not showing any cameras

    I can only imagine this happening if your configuration was very unusual. Some possibilities: 1. All the cameras are either disabled or inactive, and the group is not set up to show them when disabled or inactive. 2. Webcasting might be disabled for all of your groups.
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    I don't run intel decoding either on systems where it has started causing too much trouble. The added instability plus the fact it turns itself off at random for certain cameras, is just not worth it when sub streams cut down CPU usage so much more effectively.
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    Blue Iris after update 13-10-21 not restart

    I had the same problem with .8 and .9, but it wasn't an issue with .10. It was a nasty bug. Blue Iris was in a crash loop which could be stopped only by disabling the blue iris service from Windows' Service control panel. And even then I would have one instance of Blueiris.exe stuck open in...
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    Dahua Login Bypass Tool - Chrome Extension

    Version 4 of the extension is released, which removes the "Method 2" button and revises all the text.
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    Dahua Login Bypass Tool - Chrome Extension

    I didn't find documentation of the DHIP protocol so I assumed that was just what you were calling Dahua's internal RPC API (as opposed to the publicly documented API that goes through /cgi-bin/). Apparently it is something entirely different.
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    Dahua Login Bypass Tool - Chrome Extension

    Thanks @bashis for clarifying, and thanks for keeping the likes of Dahua on their toes. I hope they are paying you for finding this stuff.
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    Dahua Login Bypass Tool - Chrome Extension

    Try version 2. It should recognize NVRs matching the html that @adamg provided, and it should also be usable now on pages that are not recognized; it simply will not try to mount its GUI below the login button or auto-fill the credentials and click the login button for you in that case.