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    Dahua IPC EASY unbricking / recovery over TFTP

    I've put a ready solution together here if anybody needs it
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    VTH1510 can't set my room number

    After many hair pulled out, upgraded, bricked and unbricked I am back to V3 with all possible tools and password at my disposal. I am almost there, but before it all started my device had room number "30" and now I can no longer set it, for some reason the system wants the last two digits to be...
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    VTH1550CH - How to flash or reset device?

    Solved. Followed the exact setup - the problem was with my router - Unify network did not work.
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    Dahua IPC EASY unbricking / recovery over TFTP

    Totally screwed with my VTH1510CX Upgraded to the latest firmware 4.3 (SIP) just to realise that it does not support the VTO 2.0 Tried to downgrade first to 4.0 (non SIP) and bricked it. Managed to setup the TFTP but the best I can get is to download one of the files romfs or kernelfs then...
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    Puzzled: VTH can't connect to VTO directly, but works via switch

    Hi, I am really breaking my head what could be the problem here? This used to work: VTH1510 -> 2 pair ethernet -> inline-coupler -> 3 pair ethernet cable to downstairs -> some multiport generic switch -> VTO1210C-X For some reason today ip works, DHCP works, but when I try to connect to the...