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    Dahua cam on iVMS-4500

    Once, a friend told me Dahua cameras connect to Hikvisoin DVR or NVR. The hik-connect (Cloud) can detect them, so hikvision apps will work with them. (ps. I have not try it)
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    I have only 8 cams but the Hik connect app and IVMS think I have 24 cams..what gives?

    I just know 7208 DVR series can connect 8 Analog cameras , and extra 4 network cameras (IP CAM) thr'o Lan. So total 12 cameras. Now U have 24, ..... it's strange....
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    iVMS-4200 Lite(v1.0.0.4)

    My client also has this problem. I think ivms 4200 lite is no longer supported by Hikvision Cloud ( hik-connect) anymore, because , on the hikvision website, ivms 4200 series only has 3 versions now for pc : iVMS4200 V3.1.1.13, iVMS4200 VS V1.0.0.13, iVMS4200 AC V1.0.1.13.