Young grasshopper
Mar 4, 2018
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I've bene using sighthound for a few years.. there's quite a bit that I like about it, especially its advanced motion detection and clip organization, but recently It's been aggravating me.. remote access is glacial if it ever works, pulling up clips even locally (not through remote access) takes forever, and responsiveness is just not as snappy as it used to be. Tech support is not helpful.

Is anyone having any luck with that platform? tused to really be a contender, now it just seems like they're focusing on their commercial image rec stuff.

Even though I still have 6 months left in my $250+ yearly subscription, I've switched to blue iris. Lots of things I'm getting used to, and a few minor things I really don't like, I'm probably going to stick with it -- on the same exact camera setup, remote access is practically instantaneous and searching clips, while clunky, is likewise instant. And they seem to be keeping it pretty updated..