Mystery PTZ ONVIF inspection issues

Mar 14, 2017
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So I had this working yesterday for a hot minute...

I purchased this ebay PTZ item number: 333716665303. I can fully control it with ODM AKA ONVIF device manager and I used wireshark to verify that the PTZ commands are using port 80. So i know the PTZ tab needs just left alone at port 80 check the box for enable PTZ and set it for ONVIF.

Yesterday I worked with this camera and got PTZ working after I changed the Discovery/ONVIF port to 80 "I think" and hit Find/Inspect and I swear it listed a ton of PTZ options and then my PTZ worked but my video was on sub stream I again used ODM to determine the main steam URI and played around with the settings and broke PTZ. So defaulted the camera deleted it out of BI and set it all back up but when I hit Find inspect it does not list and PTZ options/capabilities.

This is what I get.
ONVIF inspection.JPG
Even the main and sub stream descriptions are missing it listed them yesterday.

I ran a port scan on the camera and tried every open port on the camera in the Discovery/ONVIF port field they are 80,554,6060,6066,8000 and this is what the camera has in the UI.
PTZ ports.JPG

This is what my amcrest has in the discovery and I swear it was on this ebay camera yesterday.
Amcrest PTZ.JPG



Getting the hang of it
May 11, 2016
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Hi - i did make some progress but was curious if you did also? I have it added and its mostly working.