iPad 2 - iOS 9.3.5 - Home Dashboard?

Marty McFly

Getting the hang of it
Nov 23, 2018
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I would like to re-purpose an old iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5 as a wall mounted “home dashboard” sort of thing. I am not really looking to control home automation but rather have a bunch of different info widgets....
  • News feed
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Possibly a radio widget?
  • Possibly a shortcut to dads location
  • Possibly a shortcut to moms location
  • Doorbell camera preview.
Is this even possible? If anyone can provide any tips as to how I may achieve this, I would really appreciate it!! My first thought was to jailbreak the iPad and use a whole bunch of home-screen widgets (which I can make with HTML, JavaScript, css, etc.). Thanks all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!