Google FI 5G blocking remote access


Jan 13, 2015
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Recently started having issues with Blue Iris remote access over Google FI 5G (Pixel 6 Pro). Google took away the option to disable 5G so I can't force the phone to 4G. If you're not aware Google FI uses the T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular towers and since T-Mobile bought Sprint that pretty much leaves T-Mobile only in my area.

I'm already running ZeroTier which works great with Google FI 4G on other devices or AT&T 4G but attempting to connect over 5G fails every time now. Doesn't matter if I use the Blue Iris app on the phone or connect via browser to the ZeroTier IP address of the Blue Iris PC. I can see the connection is successful in the Blue Iris connection stats, it shows the device name and the user logged in. Using a browser I get the login prompt so it's definitely hitting the server, but the response never gets back to the browser.

We also have T-Mobile 5G home internet along with a backup DSL ISP. I know there are various issues with T-Mobile blocking certain ports on the 5G home internet. I'm running a Peplink balance router which allows for rules to control which WAN connection traffic flows through. Using the policy rules I routed all Blue Iris traffic through the backup DSL but that doesn't make any difference.

Anyone else having a similar issue and has any resolution been found?